Someone Bought This: The History Of Wrestlemania trading cards highlight the best moments.. and other stuff.

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Crapper Louis Izzo writes:

Hello again from a loyal and long-tme ‘Crapper. Being a fan of worthless trading cards, I always go out of my way to scour eBay and other online merchants for trading cards, mostly from the past. ALF? Jaws? MORK AND MNDY? I don’t care if these cards are practically worthless pieces of paper, it’s always fun to see how many different forms of media and pop culture were immortalized in the form of trading cards. To no one’s surprise, the WWF was in on the fad, too.

At one point they had a license with Topps Trading Cards, but by the turn of the 90’s, turned to The Score Board, and released under the subsidiary Classic Games. Series I was a 150 card set of the Superstars of the day (including something like 10 different Hulk Hogan cards), but for Series II… HISTORY OF WRESTLEMANIA BABY!

I remember buying packs of these as a kid at Lionel Kiddie City (points to whoever remembers them) and almost always getting the same cards. Found a few packs for cheap on eBay and decided to open one and see what luck there was, and in a cute coincidence, they’re all Mania VI cards (the set is 150 cards or so, with only 3 coming from Mania I, so you can guess Mania V and VI are much more represented).

Relive WrestleMania VI with these AWESOME action shots, like Mr. WrestleMania selling a Vulcan nerve pinch, or the Twin Towers exploding in a 90-second rush job! Hell, half the pack is from the Mixed Tag, easily Randy Savage’s worst WrestleMania performance.

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5 Responses to "Someone Bought This: The History Of Wrestlemania trading cards highlight the best moments.. and other stuff."
  1. John C says:

    Any action pack card featuring Steve Allen in the back with The Bolsheviks prepping for The Soviet National Anthem?

  2. HappyFunMiles says:

    Lionel Kiddie City turns that frown… upside down!

    I hope there were nine cards for SD Jones versus King Kong Bundy – one for every “second” of the match.

    But seriously, do we really need to remember Wrestlemania VI?

    • theJawas says:

      Why not? Would you rather immortalize this year’s forgettable show? Thankfully this coming year is an even-numbered year, so we should be in for a decent Mania.

  3. theJawas says:

    I collected these, and then eventually got the whole box set for like my birthday. I think I sold the whole lot of them on ebay a few years back. I also once bought a box of packs of WCW cards, so… yeah.

  4. Nicholas Nutter says:

    For my 10th birthday, I got the complete WrestleMania set in a blue binder with the “Classic WWF” logo on it. It was the bees knees. There were cards from the first six Wrestlemanias (though only three from WM I). It was pretty dope for it’s time.

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