Someone Bought This: Roddy Piper I.C.O.N shirt

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Roddy Piper I.C.O.N ICON shirt

Bryan over at The WCW Worldwide Blog found this Roddy Piper I.C.O.N shirt on eBay

When he was in WCW, Roddy really loved to wear this shirt.

Roddy PIper wearing I.C.O.N ICON shirt

He would go on and on about how he was the true icon, unlike that dastardly Hollywood Hogan.

Do you Crappers know what I.C.O.N stands for?




Give up?

It stands for ICower Over Nothing.

Yeah… This slogan didn’t really get over and most people didn’t buy this shirt…

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7 Responses to "Someone Bought This: Roddy Piper I.C.O.N shirt"
  1. CJ says:

    Ah..See I was going to say “I can overcome NWO” but I suppose “I cower over nothin\'” is slightly better, right?


  2. Drizz says:

    I Cower Over Nobody

  3. Autrach Sejanoz says:

    There should be a space between I & Cower.

  4. Edgar Etheridge says:

    Heck, I would have bought this.

  5. Craig Holmes says:

    I don’t leave comments often on here and this one’s a criticism.
    I’m a little surprised that this is a post. Understand that sometimes it’s a struggle for content, but a Roddy Piper shirt? I hope this isn’t what we are looking forward to in the future. I’d rather have nothing then what we had here. That’s it. I’ll retire back to my dungeon until those damn kids irritate me again.

  6. Chris KL-99 says:

    Apparently, WCW’s idea was that it would stand for “It’s Cold On Neptune”. Piper thought this would be a better idea for the acronym. In hindsight, you have to believe Piper definitely made the more sensible choice.

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