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In 1993 for a few months the WWF had a syndicated radio show called “Radio WWF” where they did audio play-by-play for that year’s SummerSlam and Survivor Series. There was also a show hosted by Jim Ross which featured interviews with wrestlers and he took calls from fans.

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It was promoted from time to time on WWF television around the time but it didn’t last very long at all- probably no more than six months. I don’t think many radio stations were interested in carrying it.

But, a handful of radio stations did pay for the rights to air “Radio WWF” programing; so they really did “buy this”.

Did anyone get Radio WWF in their area? What station was it on? What was it like? Please leave a comment below and tell us about what you remember. Thanks!

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  1. James S says:

    If they had this today, it would probably be on XM radio.

  2. Alan says:

    It was on “Choice 102.3 WSWO” back in 1993-94. They dropped it in June 1994 when they changed formats to “Kickin’ Country 102.3 WSWO”. I still have some of those on cassette. Jim Ross hosted for the first few months, & then Vince McMahon took over after he fired JR. I enjoyed it, although it was all kayfabe. Mostly, they talked to WWF wrestlers & had them answer fans’ questions. WSWO didn’t air them, but I believe the last broadcast of a PPV was Wrestlemania X. The quality of the show dropped off a cliff after JR left.

    • Paul says:

      Man, I’d seriously love to hear them if you were able to transfer them? Do you have any of the PPV broadcasts?

    • Wrestle Radio Australia says:

      I NEED to hear these! Also LAPSED Fan podcast would love it.

    • Jim's Big Ego says:

      I would love to get these from you if you still have them. Just let me know how to contact you or what your price is. Do you happen to have the infamous episode ifrom October 1993 when Randy Savage went on and buried Hulk Hogan after relations between Hogan and Vince went south?

    • Jake says:

      Do you happen to still have these recordings? My die-hard wrestling friend wants a copy for his collection. Happy to work out some kind if deal. Thank you

  3. Sir Thomas says:

    If any of the stations in that little thumbprint of a town where I used to live in 93 played it, it would’ve been news to me. It was nothing but country, and maybe one alternative rock station that went off the air whenever there was a Royals game in need of coverage.

  4. Mister Forth says:

    I really need to see if any here bought that.

  5. Raven7309 says:

    I do seem to recall something similar to this being broadcast on the radio in my hometown. The few times that I listened to it, it was broadcasts of wrestling matches. Whether or not it was Radio WWF, I don’t remember.

  6. I'm Not Using My Real Name says:

    I remember hearing about this but no stations carried it where I live. I remember thinking how much money they could save doing a radio show. If the commentators are good enough they could just make up a match with play by play and not need to pay any wrestlers. Or they could watch a WCW match and change the names, how would anyone listening at home know?

  7. Chris says:

    It was broadcast on 550 AM in St. Louis, MO. I remember Jim Ross, Lord Alfred Hayes, and Gorilla Monsoon were on the early episodes. It was exciting because they mentioned WCW happenings occasionally as well. This is when I first heard about the Sid Vicious – Arn Anderson incident. Jim Ross reported it on WWF Radio! Also, the Disco Inferno was a regular caller, and would make challenges to WWF Superstars. It was interesting when he ended up debuting on WCW programming a short time later. Towards the end of its run, it was hosted by Johnny Polo (Raven) and Stan Lane.

  8. James says:

    I never heard WWF Radio here. Anyone remember WCW’s show on WSB radio in Atlanta? Somehow I was able to listen to an episode, I forget how. I did, however, pick up Vince Russo’s show in 1992-93 a few times, that coming from the NY area. What I wouldn’t give to hear some of those again!

    • theJawas says:

      Dude, I’m such a mark that not only did I listen to JR’s WSB broadcast, I sent him a WCW trading card to autograph, which he sent back! I lived in Wisconsin, and tuned in his radio show on the a.m. dial as best as I could. I guess I at least didn’t have him answer a question for me on an audio tape, like someone admitted to on WOL this week.

  9. WaylonMercy2K13 says:

    Does anybody remember the very short lived return of Radio WWF in 2000? I know that they gave it a few mentions on the C-shows (Superstars, Heat and Livewire) and they devoted a brief segment to it at that year’s Summerslam where Mick Foley appeared on the show and danced (yes, dancing on the radio show. Way too similar to that scene in “Auto Focus” where Bob Crane and Clayton Moore did a hype job over The Lone Ranger taking off his mask on radio).

    • Doc says:

      I only recall because the radio station group that I worked for at the time agreed to run the audio of a PPV (I think that very SummerSlam) as a one-time event to see if they could make money at it with national advertisers. I had planned on listening to figure out if it was just the straight audio from PPV or if it had more to it, but I think they threw it on the AM station I lived to far from to pick up the nighttime signal. I *did* get gifted the scratch logo Attitude T shirt that I wore until it fell off.

  10. Caveman says:

    I wonder if Mike Check pre-empted because of Radio WWF some time. I bet he’d have a thrilling story to tell about it, even if not. I’d love to hear that.

  11. Anonymous says:

    Wrestling on the radio wasn’t uncommon back in the Golden Age. I wonder whose idea it was to try to bring it back as late as the 90s when there just wasn’t as interest in that sort of thing?

  12. James S says:

    WCW had a radio show huh? I wonder how that was

  13. Stan says:

    If someone found old episodes of this, Id hope they would upload it!!

  14. Y2G says:

    Was there not quite a famous Macho Man interview on Radio WWF? where he did a semi shoot on Hogan after Hogan left the company?

  15. Another Dave says:

    I vaguely remember this, too. I know it aired in Dallas, but I’m not sure where.

    But I’d torrent the hell out of this if the audio ever turned up.

  16. theJawas says:

    I’ve always thought the Network should have an audio section, and these shows would fit perfectly. Make it happen, WWE!

  17. KD says:

    I remember it, it used to come on, on Saturday nights I believe from 9-11, I was in junior high at time and used to do all I could to pick up the channels it was on and even called in quite a bit, I was such a mark back then. Once J.R left, the show went down hill and it kind of became a comedy show towards the end with Stan Lane and Johnny Polo as hosts. What was unique about it at the time was it was the first type of interactive show where fans could communicate with wrestlers, someone said they revived it in late 90’s but are you sure you’re not talking about the show Live Wire which was also very short lived? Now days they would need radio, with the Internet and their own network they could bring this back if they wanted.

  18. David l says:

    I don’t recall the station we had it on in St Louis, sports talk I’d guess. I remember radio from a PPV, which I thought was so cool because we never bought them to watch. I recall a call-in show where callers would try and stump Howard Finkel. One caller asked what was Doink’s first Wrestlemania. Fink have an easy answer, as Doink was a newer character. The caller then said that Matt Borne’s first Wrestlemania was 2 or 3 or whatever. I remember the host (not sure who) trying to cover it up and keep kayfabe. Made 10 year old me chuckle.

  19. Outhink The Fink says:

    Radio WWF ran for a year. Last broadcast was the weekend of Summer Slam 94.

    Cleveland Sports station AM 1220 WHK carried Radio WWF from around January 1994 through the end in August. There was always some form of tongue in cheek on the show once Jim Ross disappeared in early 94, though Vince McMahon did try to steer the show back to selling the product instead of clowning around and inside jokes. By WrestleMania X time, Vince also stopped as the lead announcer on the show after only a handful of weeks. After that Howard Finkel took over as sort of the baby sitter of the program though he didn’t host it. The hosts for all intents and purposes from April – August 94 were Johnny Polo (Raven) and Stan Lane. They had been there prior, but when Vince went away the mice began to play. Mainly Polo, but Lane as well, would spend the entire two hours amusing themselves with insider jokes, puns, even as they interviewed wrestlers. Many times it was questionable how, a-hem, sober they were. It made for a great comedy radio show. It was evident nobody in the higher ups were paying attention to the show at that point because they were getting away with a LOT of things.

    It’s funny people report that the syndicated show was only in a handful of areas, because there were calls coming in from everywhere, every week, and they were constantly announcing new stations. While it amused me, and there were always several guests calling in every week, it honestly served no purpose after Jim Ross left. As a guilty pleasure I was sad to see it go, but it really did nothing to sell the product.

  20. Outhink The Fink says:

    Oh and yes I did record all episodes that aired locally in 1994. Unfortunately, Cleveland found it necessary to sometimes skip the show in favor of the local soccer team at the time so there’s a few missing or incomplete because they were joined in progress. I just need to break down and buy one of the machines to transfer it from cassette to digital.

    • Wrestle Radio Australia says:

      If you need help touching up the audio, let me know.

    • Jake says:

      Were these ever converted? I have a friend that is a huge wrestling fan that wants these for his collection. I’d be happy to work out some deal with your for copies of these if possible. Thank you very much.

  21. Mike Jfreek Catalano says:

    I remember my buddy telling me he called, and spoke to Johnny Polo, he asked about the matches at a house show and Polo replied you shouldn’t play with matches. LOL

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