Someone Bought This: One of the lamest figure twin-packs ever

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WWF Steve Blackman Marc Mero figures figure

It’s lame heel Marc Mero Vs. boring face Steve Blackman.

If I had been an 8 year old in 1997 and I would have gotten these figures I would have been so very disappointed.

It’s hard for me to think of two roster members I cared less about than these two.

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4 Responses to "Someone Bought This: One of the lamest figure twin-packs ever"
  1. Derek says:

    Did they ever have a match against each other ?

  2. Doc 902714 says:

    Not LAME. These figures would be extremely rare to find individually so getting them as a set would’ve been great for a collector. And to answer your question, Derek, they did have matches against each other. Two I recall were both on RAW. Mero won the first one against Blackman following the Over the Edge 98 ppv (which was also the debut of Jaqueline in Mero’s corner). And the other was a first round Brawl For All tournament match, which Blackman won via judge’s decision and after that he bowed out of the tournament.

  3. AK says:

    Say what you will about their WWF careers but both their theme musics (Blackman’s second in particular) absolutely slapped.

  4. Mr Boing says:

    Your opinion

    Even the lowest ranking members of the attitude era ruled

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