Someone Bought This: Linda Hogan wrote an autobiography- for what audience?!

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Linda Hogan book

Linda Hogan wrote a book.

Let me repeat that- Linda Hogan wrote a book.

“About what?!” you maybe asking yourself.

Well, apparently it’s a book about herself, and her time being married to Hulk Hogan.

You know, Hulk Hogan- the guy she had recently divorced so she could shack up with some (much) younger guy just before she published this book.

Outside of just happening to be the woman who married Hulk Hogan, has she done anything of note that you would want to read about?

Yeah, I can’t think of anything, either.

I think more people want Dusty’s book than this thing (right, Crappers?).

And what’s up with that title? “Wrestling the Hulk”?

I like how the book’s cover highlights her botched plastic surgeries that make her look like some kind of bizarre overly-tall inebriated alien creature whose face is melting.

Seriously- I’ve seen drag queens with more feminine allure and charm than this woman!

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18 Responses to "Someone Bought This: Linda Hogan wrote an autobiography- for what audience?!"
  1. Cenamark says:

    Oooh! Find out the real scoop as she retracted the accusations of Hulk having sexual relations with Ed Lesley. Then again that was pretty weak, as EVERYBODY who’s had beef with Hulk has said he went to the barber shop for more than just a haircut.

  2. The Scanian Maniac says:

    But she entered the spotlight in the reality show Hogan Knows Best, and honestly, what wrestling nerd wouldn’t find the quarrel about wife-swapping with the Ultimate Warrior etc entertaining? 🙂

  3. John C says:

    With Mother’s Day being tomorrow you can buy this for the special trailer park trash in your life. I think the alternate ttitle for the book was either Mommie Dumbest or I’m Not Only a Skank But I Do Play One On TV.

  4. AK says:

    Considering the book goes for as low as $1.59 used or $4.74 NEW!! (and if they offered free shipping), that isn’t too bad a deal if you enjoy reading as much as I do.

    I read Julie Hart’s biography/tell all Bret Hart book and it pretty much was what I expected but with a lot more profanity.

    If Linda drops a few whatcha gonna do’s and you know somethings and eat your vitamins and say your prayers throughout the book, I’d be satisfied.

  5. Idi 'Big Daddy' Amin says:

    Couldn’t even be arsed to find a real wrestling ring for the cover shot.

    I know we all have a comedic distaste for the Orange Goblin, but Linda Hogan is deservedly more roundly despised among wrestling fans than Nancy Grace, Vince Russo and Dixie Carter put together.

    • Cenamark says:

      I don’t think she’s ever been in a real wrestling ring. Looks like for that photo she went to the nearest boxing gym.
      Between Linda being a lying gold digger, Nick’s drunk street racing, and Brooke’s vapid music Hulk Hogan will always appear to be heads above classier than the rest of his family.

      • Scrooge McSuck says:

        While I disagree with street racing, it wasn’t really Nick that’s the problem from the whole situation, it was Hulk who actually had to nerve to tell the media the man injured (I think served in the military) was at fault and other things of awfulness. Really made me hate the Hulkster for a while for being a complete dickbag. The rest of the family can fuck off.

      • Thun says:

        I thought four ropes were a boxing thing, actually.

  6. Anonymous says:

    “They should have called it ‘Confessions Of A Lying C*nt.’ Not a word of it true”.-The Genius

  7. Raven7309 says:

    How about “Once a Fame Whore/Cougar, Always a Fame Whore/Cougar”?
    And people give Hulk grief for being a “Big orange goblin”. What’s Linda’s excuse for looking like that?
    Correct if me if I’m wrong, but wasn’t Linda on another “reality” show after “Hogan Knows Best”? Some type of “Celebrity Relationships” or some crap like that? Hosted by Dr. Drew from “Celebrity Rehab”?

  8. Vealchop says:

    Were there any milking related stories in the book?

  9. BaltoJim says:

    “My Life Against a Dumpster in an Alley Behind a Club” would have been more accurate.

  10. Blob says:

    I checked it out from my local library, it was pretty boring. Also really odd that she scattered a few recipes around in the book, the editor should have totally nixed those

  11. Sean Bateman says:

    Let’s hope RD and Blade review this on their show

  12. Down With OPC says:

    I bought this book for $2 when Borders went under.

    • "The Big Cheese" Paul Kraft says:

      I’d have rather spent that $2 on a cheeseburger from McDonalds or something.

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