Someone Bought This: John Cena Backpack Pal

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AGGGGGGHHHHHHH! “Can’t sleep! John Cena’ll eat me…”

If someone had gotten this for me as a gift as a child, I’d have had nightmare about it coming to life and trying to kill me like Chucky The Killer Doll from the Child’s Play movies!

Chucky The Killer Doll

Next thing you know, The John Cena Backpack Pal will go around threatening Rick Steiner with lame insults.

Anyway, if I were a grade school aged child, I certainly wouldn’t have wanted to take this abomination to school with me, and I don’t think even the most die-hard Cena Nation member would, either. He’s like Stubby’s creepy, bloated rapper-wannabe cousin.

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6 Responses to "Someone Bought This: John Cena Backpack Pal"
  1. MrMaddog says:

    So Cena is doing the Leprechaun remake instead of Hornswaggle… 😛

  2. s1mon86 says:

    now a John Cena’s backpack buddy vs. Rick Steiner mic feud would sell out Metlife stadium and have a way bigger draw than Cena vs. Rock II

    • complacent wanna-be know it all fan says:

      “Hey man, whatever brings in the big bucks. So if you don’t like it, quit complaining and change the channel. The WWE is gonna do whatever it wants regardless of what you think, because that’s where the money is”

  3. Adam Cota says:

    Probably not the first time Cena’s had a sack under his chin…

  4. Bone White says:

    That is freaky – what twisted mind came up with that?

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