Someone Bought This: Hulk Hogan sticker and story book

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Hulk Hogan Sticker book

I came across this article about old school book club flyers from the 1980’s (Whoa, what a flashback!) and I found the above ad for a Hulk Hogan Sticker Book on one of the pages from a December 1985 Troll Book Club flyer.

I really love the title of the paragraph- “Hulk Hogan Wins The Belt!- With Stickers”.

Yes, you could read that to mean that Hulk Hogan used the awesome power of stickers to overcome his opponent and get the three count.

“Whatcha gonna do when the mighty Lisa Frank glittery Unicorn stickers run wild on you, brother?!”

Look closely- they included a Hillbilly Jim sticker! You could use it to decorate your favorite moonshine jug! Or your Granny’s rocking chair! Or stick it on the forehead of your hound dog/training partner!

My buddy Matt at Dinosaur Dracula has a new article up covering sticker story books including this one! Check it out!

WWF Hulk Hogan Wins The Belt sticker book Matt 1 WWF Hulk Hogan Wins The Belt sticker book Matt 2 WWF Hulk Hogan Wins The Belt sticker book Matt 3

I wonder what the story in the book  is? “Hulk Hogan challenged and beat a bunch of guys before he beat The Iron Sheik”? Or did they just make up a goofy story for this book?

Well, it’s only $1.50. I’d have totally added this book to my order, no doubt about it. For that price, how could I have gone wrong?

How many of you Crappers remember these “book clubs” from when you were in school? What kinds of books or posters or whatever do you remember ordering? Did any of you have this particular sticker/story book?

All credit for the Schoolastic flyer catalog image at the top belongs to the original blog that I stole…erm… “borrowed” it from. Please go check it out! 

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12 Responses to "Someone Bought This: Hulk Hogan sticker and story book"
  1. Mr. #2derful says:

    I had this one for sure. I remember because I put the Captain Lou sticker on the inside of my desk and the kid sitting next to me was sure I’d get in trouble. As I recall, the story was a fairly straight-ahead telling of the Hogan-Sheik title match.

  2. ScMcS says:

    The few that I recall buying when I was in grade school…

    The first handful of Boxcar Children books, with Boxcar display for your collection. I only got to 10 books before I gave up on them in favor of Goosebumps.

    Several issues from the Clue book series. Yes, mini-mysteries based on the characters from the board game.

    An NBA trading card guide, WITH cards… that were worth less than the piece of toilet paper I just used on my bum.

    A Star Wars RPG book series with funky collector case, cards and a magazine, promoting some stupid prequel not scheduled to be released for several more years. Phantom something.

  3. Paul says:

    I LOVED the school book fairs. They were the highlight of my elementary school years. I’d grab the Boxcar Children books, Berenstain Bears, the Scary Stories anthologies, and anything football related. I always looked forward to walking around those portable steel shell shelving units, and for days beforehand, I’d work myself into a frenzy deciding and re-deciding what I’d buy by looking through the catalogs. I never got anything wrestling related, though.

  4. theJawas says:

    I had a WWF one like this, but in mine Hogan sized up his competition in the WWF. One thing I remember from this- it said something like Paul Orndorff’s least favorite person is “me,” which I was never sure meant Hogan or himself. Seems to go against the Mr. Wonderful character, though as we know narcissism often hides self-doubt or loathing. Or something.

  5. Peter says:

    Yeah I almost always ordered books from those things, Sonic the Hedgehog, Men in Black, Sports Illustrated for Kids, some wrestling books too but they didn’t have those until like 1998-1999.

  6. nomangang says:

    I most definitely bought this. From the Troll book order of course. Um…it was about the farthest thing from a straight-ahead retelling of the Hogan-Sheik title match as humanly possible. According to the book, this is how the match went down:

    At the beginning of the match the ring was surrounded by Nikolai Volkoff, Mr. Fuji, Roddy Piper and Big John Studd. The match begins with Volkoff attacking Hogan. Hogan shakes it off and puts the Sheik in a “body-spin”. Yes, a BODY-SPIN. That always made me laugh when reading this because I envisioned Hogan putting his finger on top of Sheiky-baby’s head and spinning him like a top. However, Hogan gets too close to the ropes and is blinded by Mr. Fuji’s “Volcanic Fujidust.” (Side note: Hogan describes Fuji as follows – “He thinks he’s tough but he couldn’t karate chop his way out of a bread factory.” I don’t know Hulk, I would think a factory of any kind would be pretty hard to karate chop your way out of regardless of what they’re making in there.)Then bagpipes suddenly begin to play, causing Hogan to look at Piper (“When I saw Rowdy Roddy Piper I felt like telling him to take his kilt and bagpipes and GO HOME!” Oooooooh, THAT’LL learn ‘im! I know I’ve put a stop to many an ass-kicking by just telling the other guy to go home. They just never see it coming.) Then Big John Studd yells at Hogan, distracting him further. Suddenly out comes Andre the Giant, Captain Lou Albano and Junk Yard Dog to even things up a bit. However disaster strikes when Piper brings out a cat, which causes JYD to spin around and bark like crazy. All seems lost until Hillbilly Jim appears, takes the cat away and plays with it. This allows the JYD to…do nothing. He’s never mentioned again in the story. Then “Superfly” Jimmy Snuka leaps from the rafters (“with a WHOOOOMP!” according to Hogan) and lands…somewhere (possibly on Vladimir, thus causing the WWF to give him front row tickets to all of their events as compensation). This apparently distracts the Sheik, allowing Hogan to get the upper hand. Hogan: “I clamped on a headlock so tight that every vein in my neck bulged. At last I pinned him!”

    So yeah, according to whoever wrote this book that’s exactly how it happened. And yes, despite its crapitude I read this book so many times as a kid that I still remember parts of it word for word.

    Imagine what IWC reviewers would think of this match if it really happened this way…

    -*****. An absolutely retarded overbooked mess involving no less than NINE run-ins (did Russo book this?), VOLCANIC FUJIDUST, JYD being driven insane by a cat, and a total of two moves (body-spin and headlock). This abortion makes Undertaker vs. Yokozuna at Royal Rumble ’94 look like Flair-Steamboat. What’s truly baffling is that the crowd was HOT during this atrocity. Maybe Vince is a genius after all.

  7. Joseph S. Hasan says:

    I had one that was based on the cage match at WM2, and one that was an adaptation of “Hulk Hogan’s Rock n Wrestling”

  8. Jimbolian says:

    Oh dear god….Hillbilly Jim is molesting his dog again…somebody call the Humane Society….

  9. Vealchop says:

    I’m so old the first book I got from the book club was a paperback edition of the first 6 issues of the Fantastic Four which was only about 15 years old at the time.

  10. Doc 902714 says:

    The Eleventh Sticker in the last column of the set “I Love WWF Wrestling” would NEVER be allowed to be printed in WWE Sticker books today.

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