Someone Bought This: Forget Clip-On ties! Try WCW Clip-Ons instead!

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WCW Bill Goldberg Sting Kevin Nash Clip-Ons

These are Bill Goldberg, Sting, and Kevin Nash WCW Clip-Ons.

I guess you clip them onto your backpack or something, and if you squeeze them, they say their catchphrase.

That will provide entire seconds of entertainment.

We all know that the real WCW Screamin’ Superstar is Norman Smiley!

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2 Responses to "Someone Bought This: Forget Clip-On ties! Try WCW Clip-Ons instead!"
  1. The Doctor of Style says:

    Sting has never looked more embarrassed.

  2. Steve Terranova says:

    I feel like I say this a lot but wow, it was a golden age of wrestling. You couldn’t find a store in the mall (not to mention what seemed like kiosk after kiosk) that wasn’t selling Austin 3:16 or nWo shirts! And stores like Kmart, Media Play, and Walmart were packed to the gills with cheesy merchandise like these clip-ons that bore the WCW or WWF logo.

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