Someone Bought This: El Gigante comic book style t-shirt

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WCW El Gigante shirt

Another gem from the WCW Worldwide blog, here’s an El Gigante comic book style t-shirt.

Well, I’ve got to give them some points for creativity, at least!

I hate to be that guy, but there needs to be a period after the word “mad”, and “Who dares to challenge him!” should have a question mark at the end since it’s a question, and not a statement (unless of course a masked Jim Neidhart is challenging El Gigante!).

Sorry for the punctuation nit pick but those kind of stupid mistakes really bugs me.

“The WCW”? Did Bret Hart proofread this shirt?

Now I really want to see a Godzilla Vs. Gamera Vs. El Gigante movie.

My money would be on the giant flying turtle.

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  1. Anonymous says:


  2. John C says:

    Look at the WCW logo it’s a Slammy Award! Vince ripped off WCW!

  3. AK says:

    “1st” Awesome (should be a comma) Power Packed Issue?

    This would imply there would be more issues in the future. This would imply they could have made even more t-shirts.

    I wish they did one of these with the Yet-tay!

    Also their gratuitous use of the word Crush when that name belonged to the WWF, the nerve of the WCW.

  4. The Scanian Maniac says:

    Will never forget some of the classic quotes from the Swedish commentators, who knew little about wrestling, delivered about him during his time as Giant Gonzales in WWE 🙂

    When Virgil start getting momentum against Giant Gonzales: “If he jumps, he can head him in the balls.”

    “Go home and comb your shoulders.”

    When Giant Gonzales and Harvey Wippleman come into the ring:
    “Now we get to see the Giant Gonzales, who is two and a half meter.”
    “That’s him on the left, there.”

    About his clothes:
    “Painted on muscles on some fucking diaper tricot.”
    “Looks like the pieces from my mom’s old mink coat hanging here and there.”

  5. Scrooge McSuck says:

    I can’t help but pull a Spoony and read the text like “I WANT THE BELT!” and in a mellow voice “and nothing will stop me.” For reference sake, check out his VCR Golf review.

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