Someone Bought This: Dennis Rodman NWO t-shirt

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Dennis Rodman used to be a famous basketball player.

He was known for doing “crazy” things like dying his hair every color of the rainbow, and wearing eyeshadow and women’s clothing.

He was real “bad boy” (or so he wanted us to believe).

He also used to be in the NWO for reasons which still elude me to this day.

His key job was to stand around and gloat with Hullywood Hogan.

He also wrestled a couple times. Let us never speak of that again.

Back in 1997 you could celebrate his NWO membership status by buying this here t-shirt for just $20 (plus shipping and handling) from‘s online store.

It features Dennis looking cool and emotionless in his sunglasses and do-rag.

Or maybe he’s just constipated, I don’t know.

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10 Responses to "Someone Bought This: Dennis Rodman NWO t-shirt"
  1. Raven7309 says:

    Aw man, I’m a little disappointed. I was hoping it was his “Rodzilla” nWo shirt.

  2. John says:

    Let’s see a untalented one-note perfomer (Stevie Ray, Vincent, Bryan Adams…) and it eludes you how he got in the NWO.

  3. John says:

    To be fair at least Rodman could…oh never mind there is no way to finish that sentence. Well at least he got to main event that awesome Australian show against Curt Hennig. Rodman AKA The Worm was also considered for a heel group consisting of Frankie, Matilda, Damian, Harlem Sewer Rats & The Disciple they would be the Animal World Order.

  4. THE Jeffry Mason says:

    Be happy he got a T-shirt. They could have done something worse like give him the WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPIONSHIP!

    Nah, on second thought a t-shirt had about the same value as the WCW Title.

    And i think i just discovered the man responsible for designing the “sexy hulk hogan” costume

  5. theOneManChainGang says:

    Did he actually pose for this or was this a mugshot with the NWO logo slapped on top of it?

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