Someone Bought This: Bill Goldberg carnival glass mirror

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WCW Bill Goldberg Carnival Glass mirror

Crapper Dusty Cappel sent in this crappy bootleg Bill Goldberg carnival glass mirror thing that you’d win at the State Fair.

“Goldberg 6:32”? Oh, how clever.

And by “clever” I mean “Does not make any sense”.

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6 Responses to "Someone Bought This: Bill Goldberg carnival glass mirror"
  1. Paul R. from Spook Central: The Ghostbusters Companion says:

    It does make sense, but it is very stupid sense. See he’s twice the man that Steve Austin is, so double 3:16 is 6:32. – Paul

  2. 2pac says:

    Twice the man – Austin 3:16, Goldberg 6:32!

    Obviously whoever created this didn’t understand the source of 3:16….

  3. John C says:

    Glass and Goldberg’s last few matches have something in common, they both involve blowing.

  4. Chris says:

    “Goldberg 6:32. What time is it? Dinner time! ‘Cause Pebble Chilly said so.”

  5. d says:

    I’m sure that is 1 half of gymini

  6. Ari-D says:

    I’d probably get it if they chose at least a more threatening photo of Goldberg than him looking like he left the Olive Garden. XD

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