Someone Bought This: Ahmed Johnson goes undercover as… something.

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WWF Ahmed Johnson farmer S.T.O.M.P STOMP figure

This is an Ahmed Johnson figure from the S.T.O.M.P line where wrestlers had secret jobs as… spies? Secret Agents?

I don’t know what Ahmed is really supposed to be, here.

With the club (?) and the chainsaw (!) he kind of looks like a deranged farmer.

Ahmed Johnson S.T.O.M.P farmer figure loose

All right, everybody sing along! “Old McJohnson had a farm… BOZO SOUP AND STARS!”

If I got this figure, or really any of the figures in this S.T.O.M.P line, I would be very confused as to how I was supposed to play with them.

It’s not like they’re based on an animated series with established characters or storylines or anything (uh well, beyond the wrestling characters themselves).

Also, the figure doesn’t really look much like Ahmed Johnson to begin with…

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7 Responses to "Someone Bought This: Ahmed Johnson goes undercover as… something."
  1. Chris the Bambikiller says:

    That’s no club. That’s a cast of the joint the guy who came up with this was smoking.

  2. The Doctor of Style says:

    Looks like they were taking “WWF Warzone” too literally.

    Ahmed Johnson with a holstered gun–you’d think they’d save that for a Pillman figure.

  3. William Bird says:

    Ahmed looks like he’s dressed up like Amos Moses. Y’know they guy from the Jerry Reed song..Amos Moses! Or maybe he has cosplaying as his favorite GI Joe, Muskrat. Either way he looks like a swamp dweller, the long lost Wyatt Sister Abigail’s lover!

  4. John C says:

    He could be part of Ellstin Limehouse’s crew of drug dealers on Justified. The trusty ol’ chainsaw for when some of them other good fer nothins’ get out of line.

  5. Don townsend says:

    he looks like some jabroni that would be in an awful Z-grade independent zombie flick. You know……..the generic crew of survivors find themselves out in the open looking for somewhere to hunker down…….run into the ol farmhouse in the middle of nowhere.

    A farmhouse that just happens to be owned by crazy ol Farmer Ahmed who also happens to be a Doomsday prepper hence the guns and the grenade. Chainsaw? Check. Big stick? Check. The only thing missing is a chicken and a severed zombie head. There…..there’s your backstory.

    BTW it looks nothing like Ahmed but it does look like a constipated hybrid of Terry Crews and Patrick Stewart. And they made at least 3 series of these so there’s plenty more to laugh at.

  6. Jimbolian says:

    Poor Ahmed, not only is he forced to dress up in a rather politically incorrect getup while holding a large chicken leg, but it looks like he’s very ill.

  7. PUNCHY says:


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