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WWF Magazine, September 1992

The year 1992 in the World Wrestling Federation was in hindsight a very odd one. At the beginning of the year, we had arguably the greatest Royal Rumble of all time with Ric Flair entering at number 3 and outlasting the field to become world champion. By the fall, we had Ultimate Warrior vomiting on television due to a voodoo curse.

Strange days indeed.

In an attempt to get to the bottom of the black magic master’s desire to cause his foe countless trips to Super-X for Tums, the WWF Magazine decided to have a talk with Papa Shango.

Like literally, that’s what it was called. I love the idea that they just go to his lair in the swamp or whatever to have a friendly chat. The ball point pen is a delightful touch. I wonder if it’s filled with black goo from Warrior’s head?

Shango for his part starts the interview with a rhyme, noting “A warrior can rise and a warrior can fall, but the curse of Papa Shango will make the Warrior crawl.” One can only surmise he was looking to catch Lanny Poffo’s hand on fire after he was finished with Jim Hellwig.

Digging a bit deeper into the interv…err, talk, we learn that Shango has received his power from a mysterious being known as Ybo. I did a bit of research into this to learn more about Ybo. I couldn’t find anything voodoo related, but I did discover that YBO is the code name used for such groups as Your Business Online, Youth Basketball Organization, and Young Bucks Outdoors. I dunno, maybe Matt and Nick are looking into expanding their brand or something.

Also, for some weird reason I am getting nonstop spam to sign up for HBO Max. This despite the fact I signed up for it months ago.

You guys got me with the Snyder cut!

Our talk with Shango concludes with a warning that not only will the Ultimate Warrior be cursed, but so will all of his followers. Having seen a few of those Warrior-Shango matches back in the day, believe me, that curse was real.

Still, mad props for the talk, Papa. The last photo where you’re rolling your eyes? My sentiments exactly.


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3 Responses to "From the Pages Of…a Talk with Papa Shango!"
  1. C Boz says:

    Gran Ibo (which I believe is the correct spelling) is an African voodoo goddess closely associated with New Orleans and Haitian tradition. With my being a native of Louisiana, “her” name and persona actually were bantered about a bit in my childhood (I grew up in the 70s and early 80s). In fact, many of us were given stitched and blessed items to hang on our doors to ward off evil spirits, and there were African Americans who referenced Gran Ibo as god-like who could raise people, literally. She was the head or something of the like of the legendary Ibo people who had the power of flight.

    So yes, Oxford Kama would be able to gain some mystical voodoo powers from Gran Ibo… if he managed to get her name right.

    • Chris V says:

      The Igbo, or Ibo, people weren’t legendary. They are a native people of Nigeria.
      The historical background is actually that some of the Igbo people rebelled when they were brought to America as slaves. They marched into the water and committed collective suicide. The legend is that the Igbo rebels stated, “The Water Spirit brought us. The Water Spirit will take us home.” This instilled some hope among other slaves that maybe the Igbo rebels were truly granted the power of flight and were able to fly over the waters to return to Africa.

  2. Chris The Bambikiller says:

    I like how he ends the interview with “Ha, ha, ha, ha”.

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