WWE Layoffs, CM Punk, Hot Dogs, the Hummer Driver, and Macho Man’s Harem!

So excited as I am opening up the mailbag this week as it is KING OF ARCADE day at the charity arcade I help with, Rupert’s Kids Arcade. Arcades have always been a passion for me, and in fact one of the jobs I had in high school was working in a 1980s arcade in a 1980s mall. Such wonderful memories and I am very blessed to be able to carry on that tradition. In fact, RD Jr’s very first job is working there. King of Arcade is a one day tournament and the winner is walking out with an arcade machine. It’s going to be a blast for sure. But before I get there, let’s see what y’all have to say about the wacky world of professional wrestling…

Tim C kicks us off with…”Why do professional wrestlers always watch TV from the direct side? They never watch TV from in front of the television. Nobody does that in real life.”

Because, see, that way you can see what they are feeling inside. You have to allow wrestlers to EMOTE so they can connect with the audience, which apparently is impossible unless they are standing at a completely idiotic angle. Duh.

Tim S wants to know…”Can you explain the elusive mystery that is the hot dog to hot dog bun packaging ratio?”

That’s a simple one. If I buy a package of ten hot dogs and I get eight hot dog buns, when I run out of buns I am forced to go back to the store and buy more. Or you can just buy four packs of hot dogs and five packs of buns like I do. I eat a lot of hot dogs. If you own a roller (which I STRONGLY suggest), you would too.

Ralph A ponders…”I meant to ask earlier but…why didn’t wwe hold off on Rhea Rhipley vs Raquel Rodriguez until the Royal Rumble perhaps with Rhonda Rousey as special Ref?”

With all those R’s, why not do it this upcoming Tuesday, September 19? (Look it up, thank me later.)

Kevin W asks…”If you could pick the worst possible person to be revealed to be the white Hummer driver, who would it be?”

The Black Scorpion! No wait, that would be the best. WCW Mystery Man? Drats he didn’t show up until years later. Gotta go Bob Holly leaving WWF and showing up. He could reveal he was actually a terrible driver and that’s why he had to give up racing to become a wrestler. You know, if I was friends with Russo back then I bet I could have gotten him to do that just to amuse me. Hmmmm…

Justin F makes me hungry with…”Waffles, pancakes or french toast”

Waffles, of the Belgian variety to be specific. With them you can ensure that each indentation has butter and syrup in perfect harmony, which is impossible to do with pancakes or French toast. I’m all about balance. Not a balanced breakfast, but just balance in my fat to sugar calculations.

Thomas M wants to know…”With the roster cuts coming to WWE with the UFC merger, who do you think could end up in AEW? Also, could this help precipitate the return of CM Punk to WWE?”

I think Punk to WWE is a gimme. Guessing both he and WWE would want to poke AEW with any success they can eek out of Punk at this stage. I can’t see WWE releasing anyone of major note – they’re not going to nix Cody or something – so I don’t see anyone leaving WWE that would be a major name. Only folks I think that might make a difference would be Edge and Mercedes. They’d need to be booked properly though. I still think that Osprey is the guy to build the company around. Fresh blood is better than seeing folks who ran out of time in WWE.

Aaron M gives us our musical question of the week with…”Which continental band was better? Europe or Asia?”

I does loves me some Asia. Heat of the Moment, Don’t Cry, Wildest Dreams…that’s some good stuff right there.

Mike M wraps us up with a question for the ages…”Favorite lady in 99 MachoMan’s entourage: Madusa, Gorgeous George, or Miss Madness aka Mona aka Molly Holly?”

That may be the toughest choice ever. Hottest was unquestionably Gorgeous George. That girl was an absolute smokeshow back in the day, the hottest woman in late WCW without question. She was like nuclear hot. Madusa would be the toughest. Also has the absolute best voice. I could listen to her read the menu from the local pizza place and be enthralled. And of course the sweetest would be Molly Holly, who I met many years ago and she just left an incredible impression on me as she was so nice. Yeah, I can’t choose. So I’ll let y’all decide down in the comments section.

That wraps us up for the week. Time for me to head to the arcade and crown a king!

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