Vince or Asuka, Best Storyline, Shockmaster’s 30th Anniversary, and the Katie Vick Outfit!

Say what you will, but this has been a pretty incredible week of pro wrestling. I hope everyone takes a moment to step back and realize what a truly golden era we are in currently, as no matter what style of wrestling or what promotions you may like, it seems everyone is knocking it out of the park in terms of matches, storylines, interviews, and entertainment. It doesn’t matter what is the ‘best’ – what matters is what YOU enjoy. So let’s all just kick back and be grateful! Believe you me, it used to be a million times worse as our mailbag will remind us…

Kevin L kicks us off with…”Given a choice which would you rather join: The Vince McMahon Kiss My Ass Club or The Asuka Mist In The Face Club? TBH, I rather be sprayed in the face with colored mist by a deranged (yet beautiful) Japanese woman than kiss the crusty behind of some senile pervert!”

Is this seriously a question? Either by a toxic mist or getting an up close view of Vince’s hindquarters I’m losing my vision. Guessing I’ll go with Asuka, simply because I am guessing it would stink less.

Matthew B asks…”Best storyline in wrestling that you ever seen or best remembered?”

For me personally, it always has been and always will be Bret Hart and Jerry Lawler. Hart wins the King of the Ring, and Lawler, who has been king for years and years, takes offense. It was the perfect dichotomy – Bret was a fantastic technical wrestler, while Jerry quite literally was southern style Memphis wrestling. Their SummerSlam match is my favorite match in wrestling history – Lawler faking the injury, getting incredible heat from the Detroit crowd as he insulted their cars and the people who lived there, giving us a Bret vs. Matt Borne Doink match (!!!!) before showing he was lying about being hurt. Eventually Bret takes over and beats him to a pulp, refusing to release the hold as FIVE referees try to get him to do so…only for Lawler to get the win by DQ as he is stretchered out of the arena to deafening boos. It’s great wrestling and perfect theatrics. No matter how many times I see, every time I watch it I love it more.

Ryan S. writes in…”Do you think for the 30th anniversary of Shockmasters debut that they have him bust through the wall the way he was supposed to do it?”

One of my favorite people to follow on social ever is good ol’ Uncle Fred. I love how he constantly talks about how cool he thinks his wife is and how everything is AWWWWWWESSSSOOOMMMMEEE. Dude could make absolutely anything work, so that would be a lot of fun. Vince or Tony, I’m begging you to make this happen!

Ryan G ponders…”Who in wrestling is in dire need to get an adjective nickname like “dirty” Dominik Mysterio and “big” Bronson Reed? What should that nickname be?”

He already has an adjective for a nickname, but BIG BILL needs something. Dude has improved immensely over the years, has a great look, and is, well, seven feet tall. $10 via PayPal who gives me the best name for him by our next mailbag. Help that poor guy out!

Tony C wants to know…”Does the “Performance Center” sound more like an Orwellian torture camp than a wrestling school?”

To me it sounds like something you’d find in the red light district in Amsterdam. I’ve always thought that name was really dumb. Give me the POWER PLANT any day!

Robert R wants to know…”Where do you have the Katie Vick outfit stored?”

Oh it’s sitting in a box at WrestleCrap HQ. The mannequin we used for her appearances is in my mini barn next to my mower. I like to think that she sometimes sees me mowing and thinks, “You know, I should really do that for him so he could relax a bit more. But I’m wearing this giant fur coat and “You Suck” tie for some reason with no pants on, so the neighbors might be worried. I’ll just stand here silently instead.”

You know, I’ve lived a very strange life.

Can’t top that one, so let’s call it a week. Keep sending in those questions!

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