The Greatness of Will Ospreay (yes, again!), WCW MACHINE, Cereal, Shelton Benjamin, and RD’s Arcade Holy Grail!

The more I watch Will Ospreay, the more I am like this is the guy that absolutely, positively cannot miss and is the future of the business. Reminds me in so many ways of an early Rock, where you saw him and couldn’t wait to see whatever he did next – match, promo, interview with non-wrestling media, it was all must see TV. Heck, I bought tickets to Dynasty which is four hours away just to see his match against Danielson. I think at this point he’s not only better than Danielson, I think he’s better than Omega or anyone else you want to name. Helps that he’s fresh and new to these eyes as I don’t religiously follow New Japan. Like I said, I think he changes everything. All that said, please note I said the same thing about RENE DUPREE of all people, so I am not always the greatest judge of talent. To the mailbag!

Dustin N kicks us off by jumping off the top rope and landing crotch first with…”Had the debut of The Machine gone better, do you think Emory Hale had a chance at success in WCW?”

Considering he was under a mask and thus could have been repackaged immediately and essentially nothing was done with him, I’d say the answer is no. Which is too bad, as I could have watched thatsame thing over and over again and never grown weary of it.

It was truly WCW’s Hans Moleman football in the groin moment.

Robert R wants to know…”When is your preferred time of day to shave and why?”

I HATE shaving. Hate it hate it hate it. It’s too time consuming and then two days later I gotta do it again. The worst part is shaving my head, which I try to do weekly to avoid the dreaded Caesar ring. I honestly wouldn’t mind being bald if my entire head was just bald and I never had to shave it again. I currently use a Skull Shaver and it does a good job but man if anyone has advice on how to keep a clean chrome dome with less effort I’m all ears.

Andrew S ponders…”Should Shelton Benjamin join AEW?”

I know people like to bag on AEW having “too much talent” and while I think that’s a valid point in ways, I do love the fact we get incredible matches constantly. I think Shelton would get lost in the shuffle quickly but if he can get a decent pay day and help some younger talent, I guess go for it. But I don’t see how he even makes it to Dynamite with the roster of riches Tony has these days.

Ryan T asks…”What do you think TNA needs to do in order to be seen as major competition to WWE & AEW?”

It’s an uphill battle for sure against the juggernaut that is WWE. See my comments above – even with what AEW has they are a distant number two at this point. But for any company to truly compete they need to get a hot star that connects with people and follow it up with a storyline people want to invest their time into. Think about say Goldberg – he was just some guy at the WCW Power Plant and folks started getting behind him. Amazingly even WCW couldn’t screw that up (well, not initially at least). It led to keeping the company competitive until, well, they did what WCW always did and botched it beyond belief.

Joseph hits the sweet spot with…”Deal, did you ever try the Swedish Chef-themed cereal “Cröonchy Stars” back in the day? It was an all-time favorite of mine (recently, I discovered that Cinnamon Cap’n Crunch has a similar taste).”

Now when you are talking Cinnamon Cap’n Crunch, are you referring to a current cereal, or the old version from when I was a kid? Because I loved the stuff from the 1970s. Also dug VANILLY Crunch that had the whale on the package. I didn’t ever try the Chef’s cereal it did wind up in a Coasty Marshmallow set we did.

Buy one and help me send RD Jr to college, won’t you?

Romeo N has a pocket full of quarters and wraps us up with…”What is your Holy Grail to get for your arcade?”

It’s funny, the other night I was talking with the guy who also brings in games to Rupert’s and we noted that we don’t really have anything else we’d really want at this point, at least not anything that we’ve not had in there once already. I guess if I really dug deep I’d replace the four OutRun 2 SPs we have with the ridiculous version where each car had TWO steering wheels and sets of pedals. Yes yes, you have two people per car, and if one person wrecks, the other person takes over driving. There’s also a button that you can hit to swap drivers as well. TOTALLY insane and more fun than you can possibly imagine. That said those are incredibly rare and there’s zero chance we could get them through the doors at Rupert’s.

That’s it for this week! See you all again in seven and keep sending in those questions rightchere!

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