RD’s Wacky Halloween Prop, WWE Layoffs and Lots of Questions about Lots of Horrible Wrestling

Did something at Rupert’s this week that made me think of Blade, as I set up an old school TV playing Halloween movie clips and commercials from years past.

SPOILER ALERT: it’s not actually running off the VCR. Since I wanted to have like two or three hours of stuff, I created a video loop on my laptop and threw it on an old Mac Mini. Just one issue – how on earth to get an HDMI feed into a COAX (cable TV) feed? Turns out if you use THREE adapters, you can make it happen! So I have clips from Manos, the 1976 King Kong, Ghostbusters, the Brendan Fraser Mummy, a bunch of classic Universal movies, and more 1970s-1990s Halloween commercials than you can shake a stick at. I love it and it just adds to the ambience of the season. I have but one regret – the VCR doesn’t flash 12:00 constantly. That would have made it even better. Regardless, I am thrilled we are in my favorite season of the year…and thrilled to talk terrible pro wrestling with y’all. And SPEAKING OF TERRIBLE PRO WRESTLING…

Arya W kicks us off…”Did you have a favorite bad wrestler? For years I loved Great Khali and The Boogeyman because they were just so different from everyone else in the company.”

I don’t think there’s ever been a great horrible wrestler that can compare to Sandman. He would screw things up left and right but he would always try things that even he had to know he wasn’t capable of making look good, almost as if he was just doing it for his own amusement. Loved loved loved watching him.

Dustin N ponders that age old question…”If Brian Clarke had been given a mouthpiece during his second incarnation as Wrath (where he was just a big badass as opposed to a human oddity), do you think he could have been a main event player? I always felt like his promos were the only thing holding him back.”

I mean, Clarke was better than his Kronik co-hort Brian Adams, but let’s not get carried away. That said, I think that whole Wrath/Mortis conglomerate should have been way bigger than it was. Heck even Glacier probably would have done better if he hadn’t been so hyped for so long. WCW did a lot of dumb things (and I have an induction coming up Thursday that was one of the dumbest), but the idea here I don’t think was bad, just the execution.

Kurt Z wants to know…”I’ve been binging 1990 WCW randomly… I can’t help but think The Black Scorpion should’ve won the title at Starrcade. If you were going to have Flair win the title anyways 3 weeks later because you lost faith in Sting, why not at least have a payoff of the Black Scorpion plan working & winning the title? Flair reveals himself after winning, because obviously he doesn’t need the gimmick anymore now that he has the title. He gets HUGE heat for messing with Sting like that and Sting becomes even more sympathetic as a babyface. Thoughts?”

I was going to ask what you are smoking, but the thought of Ric Flair in a mask landing in a space ship (which is exactly what the Scorpion did, I remind you) does have merit. I mean c’mon Stinger, Flair used the theme from 2001: A Space Odyssey as his entrance music. Put two and two together buddy. I still think that Flair winning then made zero sense though. It was just so abrupt and felt like a complete disconnect. I guess if you absolutely must have Flair win the belt, yeah, your idea works.

Andy G continues the BS love with…”Given how bad the Black Scorpion thing was, would the Gooker have even won the Gooker in 1990?”

No. Both are worthy contenders to be sure, but as the old saying goes Giant Egg with Turkey Man > Spaceship and Magic Featuring Tigers. (Did I just talk myself out of that decision?)

Mike M gets the rollers going with…”Last week you mentioned your love of hot dogs. How do you top yours?”

Chili and cheese, no onions, no mustard. I grew up in Cincinnati so Skyline is the way I roll. If that’s not available, I go very plain, with just a bit of ketchup and nothing else, though I remember how my Mom used to delicately slice them the length of the hot dog and melt cheese inside. She was such a wonderful woman.

David N asks…”Most shocking cut so far from the Fed?”

Dana Brooke for me. She was there forever and I figured she was like that old lawn chair you bought and never used, so you put it in the corner of the garage and it would be there until you moved. Which I guess is kinda what happened there, so never mind.

That’ll do it for this week. Keep those questions coming and I’ll keep answering!

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