RD’s Mailbag – WWE Sale, Contaminated Cowls, Books, and the Best Dynamites Ever

Ah, another year older. Have to love that I received not only a card in my mailbox on my birthday (and a TON of online well wishes, thank you very much!) but also an ad for the local funeral parlor. Said it before, I’ll say it again – God has a sense of humor. Here’s hoping y’all can also bring on the ha ha as we open the trusty old mailbag!

Joel M asks…”If WWE sells to Disney, does that mean Sunny is now a Disney Princess?”

See, now this is the type of question I like – relevant but also with a comical (although arguably vomit inducing) tilt. Well played. So everyone is throwing out their opinions on the apparently upcoming sale of WWE and I might as well do the same. Everyone knows the main possibilities (or at least these are the ones I’ve heard) – Disney, NBC Universal, WB Discovery, the company that owns UFC, Tony Khan, and the Saudis.

Let’s go through them one by one. I just can’t see Disney taking on WWE, especially at the current asking price. Keep in mind they bought Marvel and Star Wars for roughly $4 billion each. If I am at Disney, ain’t no way no how I’d say “Yep, that wrestling company is worth what they paid for both of those.” NBC Universal likely makes the most sense if they are planning on keeping them on USA long term as the rights fees are so high. WB? Not a chance they are buying WWE if they are losing the billions they are claiming. The company that owns UFC makes a lot of sense. Tony Khan is a total wild card – he has the money, but I can’t see him spending it just to keep Vince on running the show. That leaves us with the Saudis, who would allow Vince to run it however the heck he wants. Obviously the whole world thought that was already happening earlier this week, and WWE did NOT rush to squash the rumor, noting more that nothing was in place at this time. Pretty clear to me who is going to wind up owning it. And no, I don’t see Trips around long-term when it happens.

Ryan C. wants to know…”If tonight’s Dynamite was the best Dynamite, what was the second best Dynamite?”

They’ve been on such a hot streak of late it may be the one from the week before. From an in-ring standpoint, this may be my favorite run of any wrestling show ever and I don’t know what would come close. They are overloaded with talent who want to put on spectacular matches. I dig it.

Andy G. inquires…”Have you ever considered bringing “The Real Deal” back to a local indie ring, or do you think the fact that you’re “RD Reynolds” full time would ruin it?”

I was at lunch the other day with Diamond Dan and Casey the other day and we were laughing about doing a PWI reunion show. I’d say that wouldn’t draw, but considering we didn’t draw in “our primes”, I don’t know it would make a difference. At this point, though, I’m older than Methusaleh and I’m not sure anyone has interest in seeing that. That said, I do still have the fur coat and tie, so you never know.

Simon JL queries…”Chicken burger or beef burger?”

Technically, I would do a ground turkey burger over a beef burger. If you are asking chicken sandwich or beef hamburger sandwich, chicken. I’ve not had a ground beef burger (or an actual steak) in about 25 years. Just kinda gave that up years ago and never thought about it since.

Suhail asks…”Will you dress as pink cowled Batman for Halloween?”

That would be pretty awesome. That was absolutely one of the best Batman 66 episodes, with tons of great lines and utter absurdity. Man I love that show.

Rob N. asks…”Any plans on writing another book?” and Tim C. follows with…”Which of your books did you get the most enjoyment out of writing and which one means the most to you?”

I never say never to such a thing, especially with WWE potentially being sold and the mega drama that is happening there behind the scenes. That would be a fascinating book to write. As far as which one I got the most enjoyment out of…man, that is tough. I kinda want to say the first one as it was such a rush, but I loved doing Death of WCW and The WrestleCrap Book of Lists! as I got to do them with friends. Bryan and Blade made those enjoyable and every time I think of those books, I don’t think about any of the text inside. I just think of what incredible friends I have/had. The books were just a nice plus.

And on that note, I shall take my leave. Gooker voting should be just about wrapped up, and the winning induction will post on January 29!

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