RD Reynolds’ Black Friday, UHF, Macho Man and Stephanie, Underrated Announcers,

One of my favorite things on WrestleCrap Radios of old was recounting events of my outings on Black Friday. The biggest shopping day of the year always brought out the craziest folks in society, and I just loved watching them be, well, themselves I suppose. Be it the guy who was standing outside in a gigantic line at Circuit City at 4am to buy a calculator or the dude who bought a full grocery cart of strawberries with a single very large cucumber, there was never a dull moment. One of the most beloved stories was that of a guy who went to Kohl’s and decided to actually get into one of the displays showing off blankets and sheets. Like, got under it and was sleeping. His slumber of course was interrupted by a phone call from someone (guessing it was his wife) asking him where he was. I’ll never forget his angry response: “I am in the store, I am in line….(pause)…BITCH I AM BACK IN BEDDING!!!”

Fast forward like 20 years as we were out again yesterday. Someone’s phone rings and after a muffled conversation Mrs. Deal and I heard “I AM BACK IN BEDDING!” Ah, one could only hope it’s the same guy. Due to changes in basically everything retail, Black Friday will never be what it once was, but I think insanity will always exist. Onto the mailbag.

Thomas M gets it going with…”RD, what if anything do you contribute to the Thanksgiving meal?”

In the past, I would go out and buy pies just to do something to help. However, Mrs. Deal and RD Jr now make them from scratch. So my main contribution I suppose would be taste testing. Oh wait, scratch that – I DO get shrimp cocktail with St. Elmo’s sauce (an Indiana staple). That’s pretty much it – I buy a couple things then eat like a pig. Can’t wait for next year already.

Sean B asks…”When will you induct some USWA matches, like a masked pre-Undertaker vs then unknown Steve Austin from 89, to Squash of the Week?”

I am always game to write about oddball stuff like that, just need someone to send them my way. So bring it on everyone!

Mike M ponders…”Who’s an announcer who you don’t think has ever gotten the proper respect?”

I think he only did it for a show or two, but Howard Finkel did some actual play by play announcing and was fantastic. Which makes sense as he was a student of everything and generally did reports for Vince. He was naturally lauded as a fantastic ring announcer (best ever IMHO), but man I wish they would have given him a real chance doing a run on All American or something. He was great.

Joseph M wants to know…”Did you see UHF in the theaters back in 89?”

Absolutely. I drug my at the time girlfriend to go see it with me and we thought it was very funny. I am pretty sure I still have a clipped out review from the newspaper giving the movie two stars that read “Weird Al can’t act but this film has a lot of funny moments even if it’s incredibly uneven.” Not sure why I remember that quote, but yeah, I was there and I loved it.

Jon Z gets seedy with…”Where do you come down on the “macho man banged underage Stephanie” debate?”

I don’t know that I believe that ever happened. Just wouldn’t make sense to me from a timing perspective. Plus I can’t imagine even a total madman like Savage wanting to risk everything by doing that. I doubt we will ever know unless Steph releases that LADY BALLS book that’s been rumored for years. And even then I am not sure I’d trust her version of reality.

Rudy Y wraps us up with…”Why did Haku not come with crown as illustrated?”

That, my friends, is an even bigger mystery than the question above. But I hold out hope that it will be answered some day. Is there like an Action Figure Observer Newsletter I could consult? Someone point me in the right direction so we can solve this one!

That’s it for me this week. Quick plug, we are running a Black Friday sale over at Coasty Marshmallow (my wife’s Etsy shop) so if you want some very cool and cheap pop culture gifts, I urge you to check it out. Until next time, say something nice today to someone you don’t know…and keep sending those questions in rightchere!

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