I’m Off to See the Russo! Plus Best Wrestling Movies, Wrestling Liars, and tons more!

As I write this, I am just hours away from meeting, in person, for the very first time a man who absolutely, truly hated me. And who could blame the guy? I wrote a book called The Death of WCW and put him right on the front cover! Talking of course about none other than Vince Russo.

No, we’ve never been together in person before. No conventions we’ve ever worked together, no wrestling events we were both at, nothing. Sure, we do the great Joker’s Mustache show, but in person? Nope, not once. And it’s kinda weird to think that I, the creator of WrestleCrap.com, am going to meet the guy I’ve buried on this site more than I can count. Hopefully there’s no RUSSO SWERVE and I return home safely! Let’s hit the mailbag!

Johnny C kicks us off with…”Over the years that WrestleCrap has existed, you’ve written about many wrestling movies, and movies starring wrestlers, that haven’t been looked upon fondly. For a bit of positivity, what do you think is the best movie about wrestling, and which wrestler who has crossed over into acting gave the best performance in a movie?”

Best movie about wrestling is a really tough one. When it first hit, I loved Wrestling with Shadows, but I find it kinda hard to watch these days as it skewed my entire view of the business. And it’s all one super short scene, where Bret’s wife is waylaying Triple H as he looks on so smugly. To this day, I have a hard time letting go of that to the point that it’s a challenge for me to enjoy WWE knowing he’s behind the good stuff. I really should let go of that, it’s super petty of me. I also loved The Wrestler, but in many ways it’s like Joker – a fantastic movie I never want to see again.

Wrestler turned actor getting my top vote is a toss up – flip a coin between Toru Tanaka as Oddjob, Batista as Drax.

Dustin N wants to know…”Who was the worst #1 contender for a World title ever and why was it Disco Inferno (NWA-TNA)?”

Miz. I know he has his fans, but I never bought him as a contender let alone title holder. Give me Disco any day of the week over Miz.

Bryan J asks…”Who will go number 1 in nfl draft”

Dunno, I just hope there’s someone decent at #4 so my pathetic Colts can stop the carousel of crappiness I’ve had to endure the last couple years.

Geoff L ponders…”Rikishi did it for the Rock but was it the wrong choice? He was never as popular again.”

Absolutely he was the wrong choice. It never made any sense that he was the guy. He had a great role as the happy dancing fat man – no one wanted him to be anything but that.

Sean B brings us back to the movies with…”What is your favourite movie starring Kurrgan of the Oddities?”

Sherlock Holmes! I adore that movie, love love love it!! And any chance I get to watch Rachel McAddams just adds to the goodness.

Danny R theorizes…”With the way Endeavor is set up, is it going to be Ufc vs wwe 4 on 4 like match at wrestlemania next year, or possibly are we going to have Dana White vs vince and/or Shane McMahon to showcase the UFC WWE connection.”

I mean, Vince tried like heck to get a fight with Dana years ago at WrestleMania only to be shot down repeatedly. Apparently when Dana said he couldn’t be in something fixed like wrestling, Vince offered to fight him in a SHOOT. Remember what I write in my latest induction? There’ll never be another Vince McMahon.

SPEAKING OF VINCE MCMAHON…Andy G asks…”Apropos of your last induction: who’s a bigger liar, Hulk Hogan or Vince McMahon?”

The question isn’t who is a bigger liar, it’s who’s the more entertaining liar. And that is the Hulkster, without question. I hope and pray he leans into embellishing his life more as he gets older. I need the Hulkster at 90 spinning yarns about slamming a one-ton Andre the Giant and being asked to play bass for the Beatles, Aerosmith, and Foo Fighters simultaneously.

Thomas M wraps us up with…”What would it take these days to dig out the fur coat and neck tie and bring the Real Deal RD Reynolds out of retirement?”

The only thing I would ever do that for is a match featuring Trash Losagain vs. Diamond Dan one last time. But since we are all like two steps away from the retirement castle I don’t se that happening. After all, if no one wanted to see it 25 years ago, why would they want to see it now?

And we’ll call it a day! I’m off to see the Russo! Drop me a line if you want your questions answered next week!

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