Honorary Gookers, Magnum TA, Shockmaster, Joe Hendry, and great sodas!

Before I get too far, want to send my best wishes to Joey Gaudin, one of my best friends and the owner of the Skyline Drive In down the road from me. Had basically what I would call a gall bladder attack, and as someone who went through the same thing, that is zero fun. I remember being on the floor in my closet thinking I was about to die I was in so much pain. Here’s to hoping Joey is feeling better soon – I know he can’t wait to open again this spring, and there’s a ton of movies that should help make it another great season at the Skyline. If you’ve never been to a drive in movie theater, you don’t know what you are missing out on. At least if it’s a great one, which the Skyline definitely is. Onto the mailbag!

Andy Goss wants to know…”Have you ever considered awarding Honorary Gookers for angles from 1999 and earlier? Or, perhaps, guess what would’ve won the vote to keep it consistent (since hindsight might reveal the Gooker winner at least one year wasn’t that bad)?”

That…is a very interesting idea. Just reading that I immediately screamed “STARRCADE 1997!!!” That really was the first thing that started WCW’s downhill slide and would have easily won that year I think. Other years aren’t quite so clear to my feeble mind, but the way we have the inductions much better organized on the site now would make it far easier to attempt than in years past.

Steve L inquires…”Would the Shockmaster still be Wrestlecrap had he not tripped?”

Let’s see, glittery stormtrooper helmet and a big furry coat, with Tugboat underneath. I love Fred Ottman, I really do, he’s one of the true good guys. But let’s not kid ourselves. I don’t think he was going to be the second coming of Big Van Vader. On the plus side, I’m sure he smelled a lot better, so he has that going for him.

Keith L wants us to answer…”Do you believe on Joe Hendry?”

With this theme song, it’s kinda hard not to, isn’t it?

Mike M ponders…”What was young RD’s reaction to the Colts moving to Indy in 1984?”

I was in Cincinnati at the time, so I wasn’t really following the saga. I arrived in Indy about seven or eight years later. I wound up becoming a Colts fan, but man, it’s hard to be one these days. Thankfully my childhood team, the Bengals, are quite good so I’m following them more closely than the Colts. And yes, I know Blade is looking down on me and shaking his head.

Sean B beats me up with…”When will you induct Tony Halme, aka Ludvig Borga, vs Ron Simmons from New Japan to the ‘crap?”

Answer is always the same on these requests – send me a link and I’ll consider it. That goes for all y’all, not just the Ludvig Borga lover out there.

Richard S wants to know…”are you a big soda drinker? if so current fave? all time fave?”

I don’t have many vices, but soda is definitely one of them. (And yes, I am that boring that this is considered a vice.) My awesome brother generally gives me a suitcase sized box of bottled sodas every Christmas! And when Coke introduced their Freestyle machines, I was all over that, trying various concoctions. For a few years I was big on root beer (with the local Triple XXX being my favorite – you can get it on tap at the Skyline), but more recently I’ve become very boring and just want Coca-Cola Classic. I often get the imported bottles from Mexico, since a) sugar tastes better and b) ain’t nothing better than glass bottles of Coke. But realistically, a good fountain Coke with a reasonably amount of ice is all this old boy needs to have a good time.

Rafique T asks…”This is a bit morbid, but how do you think the direction of the NWA/JCP changes if Magnum never has the car crash? I know he was going to be the World champion, but how long does that run last?”

I think Magnum was a great, great challenger. I don’t see him ever holding the world title, though. What I could see happening was him being just below that level, and when the likes of Luger, Sting, and others started to hit him being an incredible heel. Maybe even a run with the Horsemen. Heel Magnum putting the fists to Dusty Rhodes would have been something to see. Also, all this Magnum talk is a perfect excuse to post this video of one of my all time favorite contract signings in history.


Ain’t nothing gonna top that, so I bid you adieu. And make sure you keep sending in those questions rightchere!

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