Hanging with Vince Russo, Cereal, Fast Food, and Yes, Wrestling Talk Too!

Back from Vegas, back from Denver, and so happy to be home. I don’t mind traveling, but there’s just nothing more comforting than being able to sleep in my own bed. A bit of advice to anyone who would care to take it – never go cheap when getting a mattress. You spend a large majority of your life in so it’s really dumb not to splurge for something you really like. I’m RD, and thanks for coming to my Ted Talk.

As for the trip, I was doing a trade show for my shoot job for a week in Vegas, then as mentioned last week stopped in Denver to meet up with Russo. We’d never actually met, just done shows, what have you, but it was an absolute blast! We went to Mile High Comics, which was an absurdly large comic book warehouse. You know it’s gonna be something when your five steps in the door and see comic books behind glass selling for over $100,000. The coolest stuff to me though was the displays – giant statues of everyone from various Batmans to Sully from Monsters Inc. to Jar Jar Binks and more. Also met the Russo family, including his 92 year old dad who was sharper than I think I have ever been and his wife who, let’s just be kind here, I have no idea how Russo of all people actually scored. The dude’s house is insane too – tons of crazy pop culture stuff abounds. Signed football jerseys, baseball memorabilia, a gazillion albums, and more. Interestingly enough, almost zero wrestling pieces. It appears other than doing some podcasts and friends in the business, he’s glad to have left it behind. And we talked (and very rarely discuss) anything pro wrestling ourselves – we know we don’t agree on it, so why let that get in the way of just having fun and being friends? Life’s too short, kids, don’t waste it finding new ways to anger up the blood.

With all that said, let’s see what awaits us in the mailbag this week…

Rudy M starts us out with the most important meal of the day…”What’s Mrs. RD’s and RD Jr’s favorite breakfast cereal? Have you had any wrestlers reply with “I don’t like cereal” when asked?”

Mrs. Deal is Cinnamon Toast Crunch, with Lucky Charms coming in closely behind. RD Jr, believe it or not, does not care for cereal and never has. For that kid, it’s toast with butter and peanut butter, or bagels and cream cheese. He didn’t inherit his dad’s sweet tooth, which is probably a very good thing for his long term health. I don’t recall anyone ever saying that didn’t like cereal when we ask them, which is weird – you’d think that in a business so largely focused on body building that would be a no no. But every wrestler we have ever asked named something. Only guy who didn’t was Mike Reno of Loverboy, whose answer was of course the stuff of legend.

Rob B wants to know…”Since you’ve mentioned the Angry Video Game Nerd before, I was curious to know which episode of the series is your favorite. For me it’s Ninja Gaiden, but there are so many good ones.”

As a rule, I prefer the simpler stuff without a ton of post production, but I do find the Batman ones to be very funny. I know his character is to be super foul mouthed, but I think he’s way funnier when he’s more dry and just lets his natural charisma do the work.

Arya W ponders…”Thoughts on the movie Bloodsport? I’ve always loved it, turns out not everyone agrees with me.”

I know I’m going to lose a lot of cool cred, but I’ve never seen it. At least I don’t think I have. I was never really into that scene when those movies hit and have never bothered to go back and revisit them.

Sean B asks…”Did you know that friend of the ‘crap Roddy Piper was in an episode of Highlander the TV series that screams Wrestlecrap?”

I knew that existed but I’ve never covered it as I barely remember anything Highlander. Sounds like it would be a good induction though, so if anyone wants to point me in the direction, by all means send it my way.

Bryan B Jr. throws out…”What horrible wrestling stipulation match would you like to see back for one night only?”

Those old ridiculous WCW triple decker cage matches immediately come to mind, though I have no idea why. Probably because they were so awful and I am always on the lookout for new material?

Meagan M wants to fatten me up by asking…”Favorite fast food indulgence?”

There’s stuff I love once in a while like Long John Silvers, but I can only do that maybe once a year. Standard go to is always Chick-Fil-A, either nuggets (like at least 12) or a spicy chicken sandwich. So bummed they’ve never made spicy nuggets or strips.

Yeah, I may have an issue.

Ahmer A tags in with…”Which is more shameful – that the Beverly Brothers were never Tag Team Champions, or the Heavenly Bodies?”

Beverly Brothers sucked (save for giving Lanny promo time), but I freaking LOVED the Heavenly Bodies, thought there was tremendous. “Gigolo” Jimmy Del Rey is someone I think the world has largely forgotten but I will never forget their brief run in the WWF. His absurd “sexy” dance while missing a tooth has me literally laughing out loud just thinking about it.

Larry W continues with…”Would Brother love have been a better manager to The Heavenly Bodies in WWF than James E Cornette?(Even though he brought them to WWF)?”

Please tell me that’s a joke.

Robert R cuts to the point asking…”What are your thoughts on blading/blood in wrestling?”

I don’t mind it in moderation and by that I mean like once ever 2-3 months to settle a major feud. It has to mean something and when you do it more frequently it has no impact. And trying to get so much blood that you look like the second coming of Abdullah the Butcher ain’t my jam.

Nick R reminds us of more WCW fun with…”Do you think Panthers OLB Kevin Green was underrated in WCW? He had more charisma than any other major sports star turned wrestler!”

Absolutely he was underrated. Dude was super fun to watch and you could tell he was having a blast. I always love to watch folks in wrestling when you can tell they are having fun themselves. We should all strive to live life in such a manner.

And with that, we close up shop again. Feel free to send more questions my way by clicking rightchere!

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