Greatest to Never Win a World Title, COVID Wrestling, RVD and JCVD, Halloween Matches, and Underused WrestleCrap Radio Characters

In the “wow I feel like an old man” department, I am taking RD Jr on tours of college campuses. Let me tell you, nothing has hit quite as hard as this when it comes to seeing things change in your life. I am of course thrilled to see him exploring what his future holds, with the thought that it’s very possible come this time next year one of the rooms at the Reynolds’ ranch will likely be vacant most of the time. Still, it did lead to a funny moment as we were visting Purdue. As RD Jr. is interested in engineering, it’s a place that makes absolute sense. On the tour, the guide was beaming about the university spending $45 million upgrading their football stadium, specifically, and I am quoting here, “the tunnel where the guys run out is going to be so awesome.” We were then told later in the tour to make sure we got housing applications in early as a lot of the dorms don’t have air conditioning. RD Jr looked at me and I just kinda shrugged. Thinking Purdue went down the list with that one. Anyway, let’s get onto the mailbag!

Dustin N throws us into the ring with…”Aside from Ted DiBiase and Scott Hall, who do you consider the greatest wrestler to never win a World title?”

Roddy Piper. I’d go so far as to say any other answer is incorrect. The issue of course is Piper was infamous for refusing to do jobs, except when he thought it absolutely made sense. Such was the case when he agreed to lose to Bret, and that absolutely helped to cement Bret as a top guy. Piper was great – knew how to work, and of course was an incredible promo. Throw on top of that the fact you never, ever knew what he was going to say (which admittedly led to some very cringey moments) and he was must see. The fact he never held a world title makes sense, but it’s a shame in my opinion.

Matt M wants to know…”How do you feel about the way wrestling companies operated during COVID? With what they all did to keep people tuning in during challenging times?”

It was questionable at the time, definitely, to have the companies continue on as they did. No one had any clue what was really going on, how many people would die, how the virus was spread. It was scary for sure, a period of my life I certainly never want to relive (and somehow people still want to endlessly debate it – hard pass from me on that). But these companies were trying to continue to exist. A lot of companies have never recovered – I’d argue movie theaters probably never will get back to where they were pre-pandemic. The fact that both WWE and especially AEW (more or less still a startup at that point) were able to make it through and continue is pretty incredible.

Jason L busts out the pumpkins with…”Well it’s that time so favorite Halloween match?”

I hope and pray that Black Scorpion match where he turned a dude’s head like a top then turned a girl into a tiger counts. Nothing else in wrestling will ever come close to that. I miss WCW.

Charles B asks…”how would you sell a stunner?”

Next question.

Robert S is doing the pee pee dance with…”Why does it seem like Aldi has no restrooms?”

I thought that’s what the cardboard boxes over in the corner were for.

Ahmer A hijacks the tin can and string to ask…”Who was the Wrestlecrap Radio character who was most deserving of more air time, and why was it Zombie Stu Hart?”

Oh man, Zombie Stu Hart! That was the great Justin Henry and I was in stitches for that. We had so many talented people on that show, and I always marked out for John Thomas from Meridian Chase Mastercharge calling in to attempt to collect on late payments from Blade. That was so stupid but even now I am laughing outloud thinking of it. Such fun times.

Patrick M ponders…”Does Jean Claude Van Damme know who RVD is ?”

I want to say they have met in the past, yes, but I may just be making that up. Kinda crazy no one ever actually tried to get Jean Claude to do a wrestling match. Probably saw Rob and thought, “Eh, RVD is way better anyway.” Loved loved LOVED RVD in his prime. So great.

Joel M wants to know…”Kevin Nash recently said that Hunter’s daughters are cheerleaders. Does this mean you’ll be sending the Katie Vick costume back to him?”

For the right price, absolutely. Back up the Brinks truck Hunt, we know you have the money.

Evan G asks…”What are your thoughts on this guy?”

If anyone is going to main event NXT Thanksgiving Throwdown, it’s got to be him.

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