AEW Revolution, Lesnar vs. Omos, Villains, Weights, and More!

It’s been raining here so much I think I may need to build an ark. Anyone have a cubit to feet converter handy? Before I get washed away, let’s hit the mailbag and answer some questions!

Eric K asks…”Revolution is this weekend…is there anything Tony can do to reignite the company and give it a spark again?”

It’s been interesting to me of late that AEW had a run of like two months of absolutely great Dynamite shows before losing momentum again. I think a lot of that had to do with the decision to pull the tag belts from the Acclaimed to the Gunns, a dumb move that has paid zero dividends for anyone involved. As is usually the case, there is no waving a magic wand to get the company back to where they were a year or so ago, but if I were Tony I would do something MAJOR to show they mean business. And that comes to the one thing that seems impossible to do – you get Punk, Omega, and the Bucks into a room and you tell them we are going to make this work. I am going to PAY YOU to make this work. Then you put that front and center and zero in on it as long as you can. Could also sign Mercedes and get a splash that way, although personally I would do whatever it takes to get Ospreay, who is a younger and better version of Omega. All that said, I expect none of those things to happen. I’m still betting that Revolution will more than deliver in ring, as AEW shows always have.

Chad A wants to know…”Thoughts on Lesnar vs……….Omos for Mania? I know it’s the not ideal scenario for Brock at WM, but I guess better than Bray Wyatt”

Dude, if there was anything that could get me to sit through WrestleMania it’s trainwreck matches like Lesnar vs. Omos. For an old geezer like me, Lesnar is a bring him in then let him disappear for months attraction like Andre the Giant was for the territories, so getting something completely out of the blue like Omos is a dream. Plus, you know, material for the site and all. 😉

Sean B is curious about…”Will you get Macho Man’s album that came out on vinyl?”

Only if it contains an extended mix of Be a Man Hulk. In fact, the entire album should just be that. They could just throw in sound bites from old shoot interviews. Who cares if he rambles about Jerry Jarrett in the middle of it? Savage was always great. Loved him.

Dustin N has a request…”When will you induct Diesel vs. Davey Boy Smith?”

We’ve seriously never inducted that? I really need to stop being a slacker.

Rob N fires up the Batsignal for…”Which Batman villain that didn’t appear in the 60s show would you have liked to see in the show?”

I know everyone says Two-Face or Poison Ivy (rumored to have been planned for season 4), but I’d go with Man Bat. I’m picturing an even cheaper Godzilla style rubber suit. And him talking like Paul Lynde for some reason. Yep, that’s it. And don’t tell me he wasn’t introduced until 1970 – when I’m fantasy booking, I’m REALY fantasy booking!

Forrest G inquires…”Did Andre the Giant really get weighed at the airport before Wrestlemania 3?”

I thought it was a truck stop? No wait, that was poor Vince Verhei. Bryan can be a real meanie sometimes.

Rafique T wants to know…”I was watching Badd Blood 97 the other day, and I was wondering how things would have gone if Taker had won the HIAC, and faced Bret at Survivor Series. Does the screwjob still happen? Does Bret jump to WCW? Thoughts?”

I think the jump was inevitable. There was too much real life bad blood there and Shawn and Hunter were going to have their way no matter what. If it wasn’t Montreal, it would have been something else. To this day I still have ill feelings towards them, which is likely why even when WWE is doing good stuff like they are these days it’s nearly impossible for me to really get behind the company. I pride myself on forgive and forget. Not sure why I can’t do that with Hunter and Shawn.

Mike M ponders…”Have you ever known anyone with the name of a wrestler or wrestling personality? I ask because a former Philadelphia city councilman named Bobby Henon has been in the news a lot lately.”

Dusty Rhodes has been an auditor for Cincinnati for as long as I can remember. I always laugh when I am refueling down there and the gas pumps say they’ve been approved by Dusty Rhodes. I celebrate this by going to United Dairy Farmers and getting a chocolate malt so I can get fat in his honor.

Derrick G asks…”You doing another match suggestion post coming up? I have a pre-WrestleMania booking decision that left 11 year old me scratching my head in disbelief that may be worth writing about.”

I’m always open for those – love doing match inductions. Bring ’em on!

Rudy Y brings back memories with…”Did Chase Meridian Mastercharge ever receive payment from Blade Breakstown or his life party RD, or his brother that went outside?”

It was those little side quests I loved so much about WrestleCrap Radio. I never knew where Angry Jim was going with stuff or when Harry would call in what he was going to say. Likewise, Mike Check’s antics were unknown to Blade. I’d always try to do something that would bust him up. That was really our goal with that show – to make ourselves laugh. The fact we were able to make others do the same was just icing on the cake.

And with that, I think I shall call it a day. I’ll be over on old man social media Sunday night doing running commentary for Revolution as always, so hop on over and join the fun!

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