AEW, Bootleg Figures, And Induction Arguments

Time to open up the mail bag once more! As always, feel free to join the fun by sending in your queries

Turns out it wasn’t Hulk Hogan at all. It was King Joe. And the wrestler I mistakingly took for Jake the Snake..Wrong! It is in fact Harry Badface.

And who could forget my personal favourite, Baddy Policeman. Ray Traylor must be turning in his grave!”

RD: “Wrestling needs a Baddy Policeman.

I mean, NEEDS a Baddy Policeman right now!”

As for my personal favorite bootleg figure, would have to be this (Not) Lance Storm, featuring cross-eyed Chris Benoit on the card.

First of all, idk how many fans have reached out to you that are from South America or Chile, as is my case (so forgive me if I’m not grammatically correct). Been a loyal-ish crapper since late 2014. And whenever I need a good laugh out of rasslin’, I just go and check the site or the archives. My question is, what is a contentious topic that makes you sense ‘this is wrestlecrap’ and yet you or Art don’t write about it because other people would totally disagree with you? Or the other way around, people begging you to induct something that you don’t feel is worthy?

Wow, it’s like the international edition of the mailbag, I totally dig it.

I, for one, have never shied away from inducting something because, well, I came up with the idea of WrestleCrap to begin with, so I figure if I think it’s WrestleCrap, it by default IS WrestleCrap. I think a lot of folks get very concerned on the actual merits and if something “qualifies”, but more often than not I just want to write something I think – THINK – folks might find funny. So that’s a bigger qualifier to me than anything else.

With all that said, there are things I find to be total Crap others don’t. I can’t tell you how many times over the years I’ve argued with people about whether the original Double J character or IRS was WrestleCrap. I think what happens more often than not is folks look at the skills of the performer vs. the character itself. You won’t hear me bag on Jeff Jarrett or honestly Mike Rotundo as wrestlers, no no. But a country musician who wants to use professional wrestling to boost his album up the charts? An evil tax man?

I’ll die on that crappy hill.

That’s it for this week, but please, get those questions in! Feel free to ask about anything you want, the stupider the better honestly. Maybe if they’re good enough we can even make them AWARD WINNING, PRIZE WINNING as well. 😉

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