Bloodline, Full Gear, Pinball, and Oodles More

The Bloodline celebrate winning War Games

Thanksgiving week coming up here in the US of A, so a couple quick housekeeping notes to start us off this week. First, no new induction on Thursday because, well, no one ever reads them when I post on Thanksgiving. Secondly…and most importantly…you definitely want to be hanging around the site starting on December 1. There are BIG things coming, and if you’re a long time Crapper, trust me, you are going to be having an absolute blast very soon. Good times are ahead! Starting with this here mailbag…

Mike M writes…”The other day I heard someone use the term “WrestleCrap” on a podcast. How does it feel to know you’ve helped create a neologism in pro wrestling?”

That is kinda cool. I remember at Starrcast a few years ago meeting up with Maffew of Botchamania and Brian Zane from Wrestling with Wregret and them both more or less saying that neither of them would have existed without WrestleCrap. As both of those guys are funnier than I am, I considered that to be a huge compliment. My whole goal since day one has been just to make people laugh. That I’ve somehow inspired others to do the same is best of all.

Christopher F asks…”As someone knowledgeable about wrestling, do you think WWE is playing the long game, or is their invincible booking of the Bloodline a sign they’ve forgotten what happened with the nWo? I don’t believe the Samoans have similar egos to Hogan and company, but I’ve read The Death of WCW and we’ve seen this song before and how it ends. “

As you noted, it’s the long game and sometimes that works. Sometimes it doesn’t. It’s all about timing and pulling the trigger when the time is right. I wouldn’t point to the nWo, I’d point to Lex Luger. So many times in his career, he could have been the top guy. Everyone points to when he “won” at SummerSlam vs. Yokozuna but didn’t win the title, but honestly, the exact same thing happened years earlier when he didn’t beat Ric Flair for the NWA title. As long as they don’t let it all run too long, it will be fine.

Stephen R writes…”If you were cursed to be a 1990s gimmick for one year, which gimmick would you choose to suffer?”

Totally the Repo Man. Barry Darsow looked like he was having so much fun running around being a total goof and channeling his inner Frank Gorshin. And that can never be a bad thing.

Sean B asks…”When will you induct the Mike Sanders v The Cat for WCW COMMISSIONER?”

I legit have no memory of that other than Mike Sanders was “Above Average.” Which I remember being questionable – I thought “Mostly Mediocre” would have been more accurate. I’ll add it to the list though.

Jeremiah H wants to know…”With Christmas fast approaching, do you know what you’re doing for the non-wrestling induction this year?”

Amazingly, no. Open to suggestions, if you guys have ideas, throw them in the comments section below and I’ll consider them for sure.

Ryan D asks…”Is World Cup 94 the best pinball game ever: yes or oh hell yeah?”

I love that game for sure, I’ve owned two of them. I think it’s John Popaduik’s best machine, which is saying something when he also did Cirqus Voltaire, Tales of the Arabian Nights, and Theater of Magic. With all that said, I would put it behind several others. From the classic era, I prefer Addams Family, Whirlwind, and Indiana Jones. Today I absolutely love love LOVE Wonka and of course Batman ’66. I don’t see either of those ever leaving my collection.

Joe C inquires…”This weekend is Full Gear, but it sure doesn’t feel like it. What’s wrong with AEW and how can Tony Khan fix it?”

I’ve seen this take online and while I understand the company isn’t as hot as it has been in the past, this show should be pretty spectacular in-ring. Death Triangle versus Elite should be incredible, Wardlow-Joe-Hobbs has the makings of a fantastic hoss fight, and I don’t see how the four way for Jericho’s ROH title isn’t going to be all that and a bag of chips. Then you have the drama of seeing if Saraya has anything left in the tank and just what they’re going to do with Mox and MJF. Is it the nuclear hot promotion it has been in the past? No. But it should be a good show…and I’ll be doing running commentary as always over on Facebook, so join me, won’t you?

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