I know what you’re thinking. A wrestler based upon a long forgotten comedy bit from the mid 1950’s would be a great idea. He would get over like nobody’s business!

Are you really thinking that? Well, of course you aren’t. See, you’re sane. But apparently someone hopped out of the Abbott & Costello wing of the loony bin and into the WWF booking team in the mid 90’s, and rewarded fans with the masked entity known as Who.

Who was based on the famous “Who’s on first” schtick invented by Bud Abbott and Lou Costello way back in the 50’s. It went like this. A baseball player named “Who” played first base, thus Who is on first. The straight guy says, “I don’t know, who?” and hilarity ensues. Or maybe not. Here’s the WWF’s version of the bit, as played by Vinny Mac, Mr. Not So Perfect Now Curt Hennig, and Jim Ross.

Wasn’t that funny? Can you even see the screen now, what with your eyes been filled of tears of laughter? No? Well, then, here’s some more

Still not laughing? Well, I won’t torture you and do what the WWF did, and keep it going for the duration of Who’s matches. Yep, if he was on for five minutes, you got five minutes worth of bad comedy from the Titan Players. Thankfully, like most bad gimmicks, Who didn’t last long, although one could argue that even one Who match was long enough.

Who was Jim “The Anvil” Neidhart.

You can finish the bit yourself.

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