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Any fan of WCW will tell you that after the glory years of the late 80’s (featuring the classic Steamboat-Flair wars), things fell apart for the promotion. The early 90’s saw the promotion lose Ric Flair and gain PN News, Oz, and Big Josh.

Not really a fair trade, is it?

Therefore, it seems only fitting that this cartoonish age of WCW was captured by the fine folks at Marvel Comics. WCW: The Comic debuted in April, 1992, and probably delighted at least a half dozen fans during its brief run.

The gang at Marvel did their best to include virtually every major and minor star in the promotion, including the announce crew. Here, Paul E. Dangerously, Missy Hiatt, and Good Ol’ JR, Jim Ross, give us a preview of the night’s action!

The comic chronicled not only the stars of WCW, but also attempted to highlight some of its feuds as well. In fact, at times, the storylines in the comic were more entertaining than those on WCW TV – at least the folks at Marvel had the good sense not to afflict anyone with amnesia.

Of course, no comic book would be worth its weight in newsprint without larger than life superheros and villians. Leave it to WCW to supply Marvel with an unending supply of the most inept heroes and pathetic villians the world has ever known!

Yes, folks, Johnny B. Badd and El Gigante actually made it to print.

Maybe the folks at Marvel should have called this “WrestleCrap Monthly.”

Thanks to Alfonzo Tyson for use of this Comic!

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