The Val Venis Castration

Val Venis Castration

While today’s WWF may seem like a wild place, the late 90’s WWF makes it look tepid by comparison. There was a great deal more focus on sex than at any other time in wrestling history. And no other angle demonstrates this better than the Val Venis castration angle.

Val was feuding with Kaientai, who were managed by Wally Yamaguchi. Yamaguchi would often bring his “wife” with him to the ring, a young oriental girl who looked to be about 15 years old.

So what’s a former porn star to do? Why bag the enemy’s wife, of course! Venis debuted his “latest movie”, entitled “Land of the Rising Venis”.

It should be noted that the wife was also the sister of Taka Michinoku, Val’s tag team partner at the time. Yep.

Yamaguchi was infuriated, of course. So he planned the ultimate revenge: he would slice Val’s weiner off.

To demonstrate, the Kaientai members brought out big sausages. Yamaguchi-san pulled out a big samurai sword and issued his now infamous battle cry!

Venis teamed up with Taka to take on Kaientai. Taka, though, was Japanese (and therefore stereotypically evil), and turned on him.

Taka and the rest of the dirty goldfish tenders took Val to the back and stripped him naked. Val’s hands were tied to the roof, and Yamaguchi raised his sword high and then….

the WWF faded to black.

So how did the WWF explain what happened? Well, Val did an interview with fellow “Pee Pee Choppy” victim John Wayne Bobbit. He claimed that, due to the fear of it all, he suffered shrinkage, and the sword missed.

Kinda like the whole angle.

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