The Oddities

The Oddities

Wrestling is often called a sideshow; indeed, the professional wrestling of today actually has its roots in carnivals of years gone by. Apparently, the Vinces (Russo and McMahon) felt it would be wise to return to these days of old, and came up with a band of sideshow misfits known as The Oddities.

Roll Call, Please:

Giant Silva, who actually did look not unlike a sideshow freak.

He was incredibly big. He was big and…ummm…well, did I mention that he was big?

And that was about all. He was as green as grass.

And then there was Kurrgan, who was also big.

And … ummm … not much else.

He did wear funny clothes, though.

They were led in the ring by Golga, who just happens to be our old pal John Tenta, aka Earthquake and Shark!

He wore a mask which made his head look disfigured. And he was a big South Park fan (back when that was a cool thing to be).

And what sideshow would be complete without everyone’s favorite weirdo, Luna Vachon?

Heck, even the original freak joined the Oddities – none other than George “The Animal” Steele.

To make matters even more bizarre, the Insane Clown Posse showed up with some crappy song

…which made the oddities sing and dance about.

The Oddities were originally a heel tandem, headed up by the Jackyl (known today as ECW’s Cyrus). They were quickly turned face and paired with Sable.

They didn’t last long. There were problems with ICP almost from the beginning, and Sable…well, we all know what happened with her. Of course, there are other theories as well.

Or it could have been the simplest reason of all – quite frankly, they sucked. Golga was the only guy in the group with any experience, and was probably with the group so they would have someone to carry them. He was, by far, the best worker in the group.

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