The New Breed

New Breed

You know what we haven’t seen recently? A tag team that believed it was from the future. We had that in the WWF in the mid 90’s with Techno (or Tekno, depending on the week) Team 2000, Troy and Travis. In case you don’t recall, this space age duo was comprised of Chad Fortune and Erik Watts, and they really sucked. Making things worse is that it wasn’t even an original bit.

In the late 1980’s, Sean Royal and Chris Champion joined forces to make a run for the NWA tag belts. And while they would be facing such top duos as the Rock & Roll Express, the Midnight Express, Tully Blanchard & Arn Anderson, and Randy & Bill Mulkey, they had a secret weapon:

They were from the FUTURE!

That’s right. The pair claimed to be all the way from the year 2002. You could tell they were from the future because they … ummm … had wacky tights and nutty hairdo’s. In fact, you could actually play TIC-TAC-TOE on the side of Champion’s head (see top photo).

If that’s not futuristic, I don’t know what is.

Not only did this give this make road trips a lot more fun, but being from the future also gave them enahanced training methods. Here, Chris Champion describes just how they got into peak physical condition.

Soon after their debut, Royal suffered a major arm injury that apparently shortened his career and thus ended the partnership. Champion bounced around the indy scene before coming back to WCW as Yoshi Kwan…

Chris Champion: “When the New Breed wants to upgrade the physical condition of their bodies, they hop into Mr. Fusion,, hop back to 2002, and hook into the Space Physicheck and *whirwhirwhirwhir!* We are physically upgraded!

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