The Jynx Brothers

The Jynx Brothers

Oh come on…like I need to even bother with a description for these guys? I mean, look at their goofy outfits! What the hell are they supposed to be? Some kinda of evil Japanese puppets or something?

Say hello to Wildo and Ingus Jynx,. Allegedly hailing from Australia, these two high flyers tore up the WWF tag team ranks for all of two or three weeks, jobbing to other illustrious duos such as the Grimm Twins.

Now the million dollar question I pose to you readers…can you name this tandem? They are currently very active in the pro wrestling scene, a high flying duo with few peers.

Want another clue? Well then check out the funky moves being laid down by Wildo!

Too Cool? Three Count?

Nah…those guys CAN dance.

Nope, the goofballs in the above photos are in fact Matt & Jeff Hardy! Hard as it is to believe, the Hardy Boyz were anything but an overnight sensation. They spent years as jobbers before Vince & Co. actually noticed that these guys had a little thing called “talent” and began to push them.

So the next time you bemoan the fact that Tazz isn’t getting pushed, or that Dean Malenko is on the treadmill to nowhere, remember – things could be worse. After all, they could be Jynxed too!

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