The Bungee Jump Match

The Bungee Jump Match

Credit has to go to the GWF for at least trying something new, no matter how inane it was. Long after scaffold matches had gone by the wayside, and before TLC matches were the norm, the bookers of GWF tried a daring new concept: The Bungee Jump Match.

The participants were Stephen Dane and Chaz Taylor. The basic concept of the match was that they would both be attatched by bungee cord to a platform which would then be raised high in the air. The two would fight it out and the loser would be the one that was knocked out first.

To try the whole thing out, they got GWF’s resident village idiot, Maniac Mike Davis, to test the bungee cord out.

After being repelled into the air for a few moments, Davis returned to the ground and revealed to the world that he had brought back a moon rock!

Plus, he was covered in bumper stickers from various, uhm, planets.
With the comedy relief out of the way, it was time for the match. After the promos cut by both men, they were bound by the cord and hoisted in the air…

…where they proceeded to fight, er, roll around on the floor for a few minutes.

Finally, they got around to standing up, and in no time, Dane was pushed out to lose the match.

Like so many gimmick matches; a great concept, lousy execution. But hey, at least they didn’t have Judy Bagwell stranded up there!

Big props to our old friend Wild B Brown for supplying us with the footage for this entry. As always, you can find his website at and he’s got an awesome-as-ever supply of hard to find matches.

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