The Booty Man

The Booty Man

It pays to have friends in high places, and at no time was this more evident than during Hulk Hogan’s initial run with WCW in the mid 90’s. During this era, WCW brought in nearly all of Hogan’s personal and business acquaintances: Jimmy Hart, John Tenta, Jim Duggan, Ray Traylor, heck, even his WrestleMania I tag partner, Mr. T! So it should come as no surprise that long time Hogan lackey Ed Leslie would head down to Atlanta to join the Red & Yellow crusade.

The problem was, of course, that he couldn’t bring his Brutus Beefcake persona with him. Therefore, WCW made attempt after attempt and gimmick after gimmick in an effort to once again restore his popularity to Barber-like levels. None worked, of course, although they included such (non) memorable personas as Zodiac, Butcher, Brother Bruti, The Man with No Name, The Man with No Face, and the Disciple, among others.

But perhaps the most idiotic of all these characters was The Booty Man.

If you thought old Ed was bad in his other gimmicks, just imagine him in one where the whole point was to show off his ass. It was kinda like when Billy Gunn was Mr. Ass, but it was even worse, if you can believe it.

He would wear tights with the tush torn out…

…and shake shake shake his booty to a horrible theme song while Tony Schiavone praised him as if he were the second coming of Akeem.

Think I’m kidding about all this? Well, I wish I was! Here, Ed does some more rump shaking for your pleasure (or more likely pain).

He was even given Diamond Dallas Page’s wife Kimberly as his valet, and she was known as the Booty Babe.

If that doesn’t say a lot about how much DDP has given to this business, I don’t know what does.

As if all this wasn’t bad enough, his finisher was a high knee. But it wasn’t just a high knee – it was a heiny! GET IT?! That’s kiddy slang for someone’s ass!

HAHAHAAAA…I haven’t laughed this hard since I shot that staple gun in my eye.

You know, I don’t care how many letters I get from the Ed Leslie Fan Club telling me what a great guy he is…

Ed Leslie still sucks.

Horrible Disco Music with Tony Schiavone Hype (is there a worse combination in the whole world?): ” The Booty Man is here, looking like a million bucks. Look at him, doesn’t he look great?”

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