Steve Wilkos


If you’ve ever turned into THE JERRY SPRINGER SHOW you’ve no doubt heard that chant. It’s for Jerry’s head-of-security, Steve Wilkos, a police officer who’s gained a good bit of fame playing Jerry’s bodyguard on the show.

So, why is he on this site?

Here’s why:

In March of 2002, in Maryland Championship Wrestling, Duane “Gillberg” Gill challenged two of MCW’s heels Chad Bowman and Dino Devine. To even up the odds, Gill called out his surprise tag partner.

Yes, another celebrity has entered the world of professional wrestling. The match, while entertaining, wasn’t all that specacular.

Gillberg took a beating through most of the match, until he finally tagged in big Steve, who got the same “Steve!” chants he did on the Springer show. Steve cleaned house, using a couple of clotheslines:

a sleeper-hold:

and of course, the dreaded “pantsed” offense:

After the match, the two did their best Austin imitations and drank some beer in the ring. All in all, not a bad debut for a fairly-untrained celebrity.

And if you don’t believe me, just compare it to Jay Leno’s debut.

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