Rob Bartlett

Rob Bartlett

The WWF had many, many problems in the mid 1990’s. Vince and Company watched on as star after star left Titan for the greener pastures of Atlanta. Vince knew he had to do something to change his product, so he hired Rob Bartlett, a comedian from the New York area to liven things up on Monday Night Raw.

Of course, Bartlett sucked. He wasn’t funny, he wasn’t knowledgeable about the product, and he basically made Todd Pettengill look good. Now that’s frightening.

Bartlett would throw in his one liners here and there (as is evidenced by this clip where he ridicules Luna Vachon), but the fans didn’t care about Bartlett. They wanted to see wrestling, not a bad stand-up act.

After a brief stint on Raw, Bartlett was either let go or quit. No one seems to know or care either way. He was gone, and for that, we should all be thankful.

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