Reo Rogers

Reo Rogers

I’m not 100% sure why, but for some reason, Vincent K. McMahon has always had it out for the “American Dream”, Dusty Rhodes. Before he came to the WWF in the early 90’s, McMahon took a shot at Rhodes by naming “The Million Dollar Man”, Ted DiBiase’s man servant “Virgil”, which just happens to be Rhodes’ real first name. And when McMahon finally brought Big Dust into the WWF, he dressed him like a buffoon and have him give horrible interviews.

So it should come as no shock that after Rhodes left the Federation following his humiliating run, McMahon decided to once again ridicule Dusty by creating a silly clone by the name of Reo Rogers.

Reo Rogers was a recycling of sorts for a guy by the name of Bruce Pritchard, who is a major cog in the wheels of today’s WWF. Back in the day, Pritchard played several on-screen characters, the most notable of which was the red faced southern preacher known as Brother Love.

While Brother Love was indeed annoying and more or less a waste of air time, it was during his interview segments that many of the late 80’s WWF most memorable angles and feuds were developed. The Brother Love Show brought us the pancaking of Hulk Hogan by our old pal Earthquake, for example. Therefore, the bogus holy man was a staple on many WWF broadcasts.

By the early 90’s, however, fans and Federation officials alike had grown tired of Brother Love. So Pritchard changed his gimmick entirely, and switched over to the Reo Rogers persona.

Much like Brother Love, Reo had his own talk show segment, Reo’s Roundup. He would conduct interviews, favoring the heels, of course, in standard Piper’s Pit style. There was just one catch, however…he dressed and talked almost exactly like Dustry Rhodes! Well, if Dusty had a clothespin on his nose, I suppose. Anyway, here’s an interview snippet. Compare it to the Rhodes interview above, and see if you can pick out the REAL American Dream.

Unlike Brother Love, Reo’s run was very short-lived. He lasted no more than a couple of months before Vince decided to put this particular cow out to pasture.

Dusty Rhodes: “What I’m thankful for Thanksgivin’? For my POLKA DOTS!”

Reo Rogers: “Here, with the undisputed Intercontinental Champ-EEN, the Heartbreak Kid, Shawn Michaels, baby. Welcome to Reo’s Roundup.”

Shawn Michaels: “Reo it is great to be here.”

Reo: “You look hot.”

Michaels: “Thank you very much, you look pretty good yourself!”

Reo: “I gots my pretty little shhh—appps on!”

Michaels: “Us Texas boys know how to dress.”

Reo: “Yes indeed, baby.”

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