PN News

PN News

A big fat guy as a rapper. I’ve seen it time after time (Men on a Mission, anyone?) and it never, ever works. You can bring them out with Salt n Pepa, you can show them hanging in the hood, you can have them release albums and videos. It won’t work. Ever,

But give WCW credit for trying.

Also known as “The Rapmaster”, PNN (get it? it’s like the Turner owned CNN) would come to the ring rapping silly lyrics that sounded like they were written on a roll of toilet paper five minutes before he hit the ring. He was a lousy worker, but this was early 90’s WCW, so that didn’t matter.

The highlight of News’ WCW career was probably his feud with fellow bad gimmick Johnny B. Badd, who said that News was a “big old ugly bear.”

When that’s your career highlight, it’s probably safe to say you didn’t have much of a career.

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