Norman The Lunatic

Norman The Lunatic

Mike Shaw should have his own wing here on Anyone who’s had the honor of being Norman the Lunatic, Big Trucker Norm, Friar Ferguson, or Bastion Booger deserves some kind of award. And probably hazard pay too.

Shaw first made a name for himself with a crazy man angle in WCW, known as Norman the Lunatic, debuting in WCW at Clash of the Champions: Guts & Glory in 1989. Managed by Theodore R. Long, he was billed as being from the State Hospital, and would come to the ring in a hospital gown.

Long controlled Norman with a BIG KEY. The idea was if Norman didn’t do exactly what Long wanted, he had the key to put him back into the mental institution. Think I’m making this up? Here’s good ol’ JR to back my story. After his matches, Norman would be tied down and escorted by medical personnel to the back.

Of course, Norman didn’t want to do what Long told him to. He had a good heart, and eventually escaped from Teddy’s evil grasp.

Little did he know that Teddy would be the least evil guy he would wind up with. A few years later he would meet Vince McMahon, who would come up with a pair ofgimmicks that would put anyone in a mental institution.

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