Naked Mideon

Naked Mideon

Say what you want about Dennis Knight, but the guy was willing to do anything to put food on the table for his family. He’s been an evil pig farmer, he’s been sacrificed by the Undertaker, he’s shown up national TV naked…


Well, not naked, really, but close enough. The WWF and Knight were so desperate to get him over, they actually gave him a streaking gimmick to see if maybe that would work.

And thus, wearing only a fanny pack (and the tiniest of flesh colored thongs), Knight would run to the ring, dance, and then run away again. This pattern repeated for weeks, before the WWF finally gave Knight a name – Naked Man, later revamped to Naked Mideon.

WWF fans reacted with indifference. WWF workers, like Al Snow pictured below, reacted with displays of disgust.

Skits were played out backstage, with various objects obscuring Naked Mideon’s naked genitals, much as in the ending of the original Austin Powers motion picture. He rarely wrestled, and on the one notable occasion in which he did (a European title match against William Regal at No Mercy 2000), the WWF had the good sense to have him wear some pants.

Except that he didn’t wear them for long. Yep, he eventually dropped trou right in the middle of the ring and laid a liplock on the Goodwill Ambassador. Then he proceeded to roll around the ring, with the WWF being far too willing to showing us shots of his flabby butt cheeks and barely concealed testicles.

Thankfully, the gimmick was dropped after this match. Mideon went onto yet one more failed gimmick – that of a Dusty Rhodes impersonator – before finally being let go by the Federation earlier this year.

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