Loch Ness

Loch Ness

Ah, the legendary Dungeon of Doom. What a steaming pile of faeces that was, complete with John Tenta as a fish, Ed Leslie as a Ying-Yang, and Ron Reese as a mummy. Just when fans thought things couldn’t get any worse, Kevin Sullivan and his “dad”, the Wizard (or the “Master” or whatever the hell he was called) introduced WCW fans to that most fearsome of creatures, Loch Ness.

Unlike John Tenta, who went so far as to paint teeth on his face (and underwent 24 HOURS of tattoo work to modify the tiger on his shoulder to something more closely resembling a shark), this Nessie was just a big fat guy with a beard, black pants, and a dorky looking vest.

Now let us not understate the fact that he was a big man, a HUGE man. He was within a couple of inches of being as tall as Paul Wight (then the Giant, today the Real Deal Killing Big Show), and he tipped the scales at around 500 pounds. He was so big, in fact, that he could barely move about the ring – his finisher was an elbow drop, if that tells you anything!

Apparently, he was a star in England for several years before coming to America…too bad he did so as part of one of the worst angles in WCW history.

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