In case you haven’t been able to figure it out by looking at the WWF Wrestlcrap page, let me clue you in: the early-mid 90’s WWF really sucked. Faced with a roster that was fleeing to Atlanta, Vince McMahon had race car drivers, evil dentists, and midget clowns.

He even had an oriental martial artist from…errrr…Puerto Rico. The almighty Kwang the Ninja.

Kwang, who had worked for years in Puerto Rico as TNT, was brought in as an evil ninja type character. The big problem with the character is that he didn’t really do anything that evil. Come to think of it, he didn’t really do anything ninja-like, either. He was managed by Harvey Wippleman, which was pretty much always the kiss of death for any character.

Because we really don’t have much to say about him (other than “he sucked”), here’s a picture of him picking his nose.

Kwang didn’t last long. He underwent a gimmick change, removed the mask, and began stinking up arenas as Razor Ramon’s buddy, Savio Vega. Then of course, he gathered up three other Puerto Ricans to form Los Boricuas, and start the WWF Gang Wars of 1997.

But that’s a terrible idea for another day…

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