Koonta The Ugandan Warrior


Look familiar?

Looking at this pic, I can hear Number 2 saying: “Kamala, during your absence, we proceeded with the project to clone you. He’s your perfect duplicate in every way…

…Except one-eighth your size.”

No, you’re not seeing things, folks. This ain’t Kamala, or even Kamala 2. This is Koonta The Ugandan Warrior. I’m not 100% clear on the guy’s history (though I’m sure I can expect five or six e-mails letting me know), the Ugandan Warrior here has worked for NWA-Mississippi, where he held the junior heavyweight belt there, and has wrestled under another gimmick as Brother Love (no relation whatsoever to the WWF version, and thank God, because who would actually want to rip that off?).

Koonta is, outside of being terribly racist in a day and age when the whole Kamala gimmick isn’t really PC, a pretty decent smaller wrestler (though he’s not THAT much smaller). The first time I saw this gimmick was in NWA-Southwest a few years ago, where he was managed by longtime Texas manager Baboose (yet another phone call-in-waiting from the NAACP), and he did the gimmick almost perfectly. Whereas guys like Prince Kamalamala and Uganda (aka Giant Kimala 2/Botswana Beast) had varying degrees of success in the get-up, Koonta has the whole schtick down pat. Still, nothing beats the original, and if the real Kamala ever found him, I have a sneaking suspicion that Koonta’s head would be placed along with Hogan’s on that spear of his.

Most recently, Koonta has shown up in the Memphis Wrestling area, managed by the legendary Jimmy Hart and is even being billed as “Kamala’s Son”. You can catch him there on pretty much a weekly basis, along with Mabel, Brian Christopher and a bunch of other people you’ve probably forgotten about by now.

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