Hawk’s Attempted Suicide

Hawk Suicide

After watching the way the Legion of Doom (or by their much cooler name, the Road Warriors) was treated by the WWF, one has to wonder if Vince McMahon really disliked Hawk and Animal. I mean, come on, they were saddled with Rocco for crying out loud! Things couldn’t be much worse than that.

Or could they?

Well, yes, of course they could, and leave it to Vinny Mac and Vince Russo to attempt to kill off the LOD once and for all.

For starters, they gave the LOD a third member, Puke, who was later known as Droz (aka Darren Drosdov).

In the storylines, this upset Hawk, who turned into a drunk. Sometimes Hawk would stumble down to ringside to do commentary, slurring his words, and generally making an ass of himself.

All of this led to one fateful night on Raw, when Hawk climbed to the top of the TitanTron, apparently ready to end it all!

Once he got to the top of the big screen, everyone started to “break character”…

Animal left his match in the ring, and came out to tell “Mike” that what he was going to do wasn’t worth it.

Even Paul Ellering, who was feuding with Hawk at the time (as the horrendous Mr. Dot Com), came out from the back to plead with Hawk to come down.

Finally, as things looked most bleak, Droz climbed the Titan Tron to save Hawk. But Hawk wanted nothing to do with him. He yelled at Droz to get down, but Droz came up, and in trying help Hawk, pushed him (actuially more like “love tapped” him) over the edge!

Of course, the only problem was that there was about a three second delay from when he was pushed over until the guys behind the screen pushed something that looked more like a stick than a person over the edge behind the Titan Tron that we were supposed to think was Hawk.

It all looked incredibly fake. Which is probably just as well, as the WWF more or less blew off the angle immediately thereafter.

In a tragic irony, Droz was legit injured in a match with D Lo Brown in 1999, and has been paralyzed from the neck down since.

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