El Gigante

El Gigante

Have you ever noticed that a lot of wrestlers were actually failures at other sports? Goldberg was injured on the football field, so he wound up in WCW. Ditto for Stone Cold Steve Austin. Kevin Nash originally was looking to be a hoops star, but wound up in the ring.

Add to this list Jorge Gonzales. He was a basketball prospect for the Atlanta Hawks, but bad knees kept him from the court. So what’s a Ted Turner to do? That’s right, slap on an aluminum foil headband and trot him out to the ring!

Gonzales came into WCW amidst much fanfare and little talent. He lumbered around the ring not unlike a zombie (maybe HE was The Yeti!), and knew maybe two moves. Despite his total lack of skills, he even got a series of matches with Ric Flair (to all those who say Flair can carry anyone, I give you the Flair-El Gigante matches).

He would later resurface in the WWF with a gimmick far worse than any WCW could come up with.

Turner’s loss was no one’s gain.

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