Dr. Death

Dr. Death

The good ol’ bookers in Memphis took a break from the “monster” wrestler formula in the early 90’s to bring us…Dr. Death. No, not Steve Williams, but rather, some scrub in, well, scrubs. Looking like a reject from the box of the Operation childrens’game, Doctor Death arrived in the USWA to raise hell, kick some ass, and…oh, who the hell am I kidding? He lasted about a month.

His manager was a woman named Nurse Kratchett, who had a nasty habit of picking fights with Miss Texas, now known to WWE fans as Jacqueline. Of course, her name was cribbed from the movie One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest. Yeah, the thought of her as a wrestling diva makes me want to go the Nicholson route and get a lobotomy too.

There really isn’t much to talk about when it comes to Dr. Death here. It was Kenny Kendall under the mask and he held the USWA Southern belt for all of 2 days back in 1992, so he has that going for him. Most interestingly, his finisher was a bit different: as he would choke his opponent on the ropes, Kratchett would hit them in the head his a bedpan. And they say New Jack is hardcore.

Other than that, most people will remember him for putting the mask on the wrong half of his partnership:

Years later, perennial Memphis mainstay Tony Myers would don the gimmick here and there for shows, but never managed to win a title like the original. At least he didn’t have to be paired up with Kratchett. Really, though, who cribs the nickname of a wrestling legend for such a crappy gimmick? Couldn’t he have gone with Dr. Evil? Dr. Destruction? Dr. Giggles?

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