INDUCTION: The WWE Divas Revolution – 2015 Gooker Award First Runner-Up

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2015, WWE

“This is awesome!”

Clap clap-clap clap clap clap.

“This is awesome!”

Clap clap-clap clap clap clap.

“This is awesome!”

Clap clap-clap clap clap clap.

Amazingly enough, this is how the induction you are reading today got its start, with thousands of fans screaming their heads off, thrilled to be witness to what could have been, should have been, a watershed moment in wrestling.  Instead, it wound up being a storyline that just missed winning the coveted 2015 Gooker Award by a mere 17 votes.  It’s an amazing accomplishment on multiple levels.  After all, most of the time when a character is introduced or a wrestling plot is presented to us, the hardcore types of wrestling fans who frequent this here site, you generally have a feel if it’s going to be good or bad.  Certainly there are exceptions, many of them.  But rarely in history had one gone so far south, so quickly.

In many ways, it is similar to the equally horrendous InVasion storyline, also a Gooker winner which you can read about here.  As I recall, that one also had everyone enthralled at the onset, as Lance Storm jumped a barricade and super kicked Perry Saturn so hard it straightened his eyes.  It’s been over fifteen years and I still remember that night like it was yesterday, with wild thoughts of all the great things it could have led to, the years of fun we all could have had.

Instead, it wound up a total disaster as the entire WCW crew had to be shoehorned into a more “WWE style” and thus lost everything that made them interesting and unique to begin with, and turned the focus from the wrestlers themselves to someone else, namely…




Sound familiar?

But again, it started out great.


Now sure, you may think that a Nikki Bella promo and the words “started out great” could never co-exist in the same sentence, but hear me out.  Nikki came out to talk about how great she is in a manner that had one longing for someone, anyone, to come out and pummel her so she’d shut her yap.


What we got instead was Stephanie McMahon making that face.

If you’ve watched Raw for any length of time, you will note that is a face she often makes.  Not sure if she’s had some work done or what exactly may be the issue, but I am pretty sure she is now capable of only two facial expressions: that one and…


…the rat sneer smile.

Really, Google “Stephanie McMahon smile” and see what you find.  They all look like that.  Anyway, she noted that there was a revolution happening in women’s sports such as soccer and tennis.  Apparently prior to 2015, women were rank amateurs in these sports.

Well, except, you know, they weren’t.


This picture features one Billie Jean King.  She is, as best I can tell, a woman, a woman who played against a man, Bobby Riggs, in a famous (and arguably revolutionary) tennis match dubbed “The Battle of the Sexes” that took place when I was four years old.


And as noted many times, I am as old as Methuselah.

But hey, let’s throw that out the window, and instead focus back on Steph (she likes that) bringing out Paige…and then Becky Lynch…and Charlotte as well.  Mere minutes later, we got Sasha Banks debuting on the main roster as well.  As the new girls attacked the Bellas, there was but one thing the fans had to say:



Clap clap-clap clap clap clap!

And why were these fans chanting that?  Simple: because Becky, Charlotte, and Sasha had been having all kinds of incredible matches in NXT.  Anyone who had watched that show knew what these women were capable of, and they couldn’t wait to see them take it to the next level every Monday night.

But there was just one slight problem: Raw isn’t NXT.

For starters, in NXT, the women that were just brought in usually faced each other, and were generally given time to tell their stories in the ring.

On Raw?


Poor Becky had to attempt to have something watchable in 87 seconds against Tamina.  Or Charlotte and Becky battle the Bellas in matches that were far from what had those fans so excited in the first place.  It didn’t help that the women were crammed into three groups: Team Bella, Team PCB, and Team BAD.


Just writing those monikers makes me cringe; I know the WWE creative team ain’t top notch sometimes, but seriously, were those the BEST names they could possibly come up with?  Legit sounds like something out of GLOW or perhaps the old AWA Team Challenge Series.  And clumping them together, bringing them all out at once, really made it impossible to focus the spotlight on any one of these women so you could find out who they were and what they were all about.

Making matters far, far worse was while fans were being force-fed absolute crap on Raw, NXT was still featuring the women in long, awesome matches.  And nothing better illustrated this than a mind blowing 48 hour period starting on August 21.


NXT had Takeover: Brooklyn that Saturday night and it featured a Women’s title match. Those last three words actually are a story in themselves: it wasn’t a DIVAS title match, it was a WOMEN’S title match.  I know WWE is all weird about having their own terminology, be it “sports entertainment” or “superstars” or their desire to drive the word “belt” from the English language, but the term “Diva” is so overplayed and outdated it’s almost comical.  I mean, remember up above where Steph talked about how there was a so called “revolution” featuring women?  WWE won’t even call their female performers “women” at all.  No no no, they have to be “Divas.”

Back to the title match.  It was an absolutely incredible bout featuring Sasha taking on (It’s) Bayley and it tore the house down, an encounter so good that it finished as the best American pro wrestling match in the Wrestling Observer awards.  Not the best women’s match, the best match in North America PERIOD.  It featured not only great action, but a very fulfilling conclusion to a months long storyline wherein plucky Bayley was finally able to fulfill her dream of becoming champion.

And what did we get on Raw with the wome…err, DIVAS?



Really, MizTV.  Not making this up.  Nor am I making up the unfathomable garbage dialogue about how they didn’t want to fight and concluded with the girls giving each other pinkie promises.  And then, in the capper, we had Nikki Bella come out and tell us, and I quote, “Wins, losses, who really cares?”


This 48 hours after Bayley was in TEARS after WINNING a match…in the SAME BUILDING!


There were a thousand other issues with this whole convoluted mess as it played out over the next several months, but one of my favorites was when Paige turned on Charlotte and Becky.


Yes, she turned on them on the September 21 episode of Raw.  The following week, Charlotte and Becky appeared on yet another episode of MizTV (because the first one was such a hit!) and discussed Paige turning on them.  Replays were shown of this break up.  After commercial break, Team Bella came to the ring to take on…


…TEAM PCB!  Yes, UNITED!  And tagging each other in and out as if nothing were wrong. I mean, yes, they split up again later in the match, but seriously, this was one of the most idiotic things I’d seen in years.

I hate to be the crusty old timer, but let’s use this same logic back in 1986.  Imagine the famous Hulk Hogan-Paul Orndorff turn.


We’d have gotten Hogan and Orndorff teaming up against Studd and Bundy…


…Orndorff turning against Hogan…


…and then just returning to his corner, waiting to make a tag.

I really hate this company sometimes.


But hey, don’t worry, the crack WWE announce crew is here to clobber us over the head telling us that women are new in sports or something, parrot the term “Divas Revolution” approximately 337 times per hour, and most importantly to remind us these women were given this shot due to the brains of…




It really was like the InVasion all over again the more I think about it.


Note to WWE: this is NOT something you want to strive to achieve.  When you do, you will wind up as a Gooker front runner.

Again, not something you want to achieve.

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81 Responses to "INDUCTION: The WWE Divas Revolution – 2015 Gooker Award First Runner-Up"
  1. Mortuary Matt aka Headlessvhseyes says:

    The Paige turning on them/then not thing happened so many times I thought she was going to pull down and zipper and Big Show was going to walk out of her skin.

  2. Mike says:

    This should’ve won the Gooker.

    Speaking of the Pro Wrestling Observer, This feud won worst overall feud of the year for 2015 , runner up in the most Disgusting Promotional Tactic (second to only another part of The Diva’s Revolution which was the use Reid Flair’s death for the Charlotte/Paige angle.),and my personal favorite third in worst gimmick of the 2015. Think about that last one, people have called The Divas Revolution a GIMMICK. That alone should sum up the Diva’s Revolution. It wasn’t even a feud, it was total unrestrained MARKETING. It’s people who have either backwards or zero understanding of how stories work telling the performers to repeat catchphrases like Divas Revolution over and over again.

    The performers were victims in this whole thing because think of the stories they should’ve had in this. Paige came from a family of wrestlers. She and her brother had this dream of making it in WWE. She got chosen for an NXT tryout while her brother didn’t so she is living this dream for both her and her whole family. Becky Lynch grew up in Ireland where to my knowledge where women couldn’t get trained so she had to go outside the country to have a chance. She was injured and had to be talked into giving wrestling another try. Sasha Banks was a lifelong wrestling fan and wanted to do this her whole life. Charlotte is the daughter of arguably the greatest wrestler of all time and is already at a disadvantage considering the track record of second generation wrestlers. But (on NXT) she was delivering in the big matches. Even the Bellas, people think they are now getting opportunities because of who they are dating and now they have to prove themselves. All of these are great stories but guess what? NONE OF THEM WERE USED!!!

    All I have to say that let’s hope Bayley makes it unscathed.

    • Preparation Triple H says:

      I think Bryan Alvarez had the same rant on a Bryan & Vinny Show.

    • Si says:

      There was a promo on Smackdown where Becky talked about Paige’s turn stung worst because she’d known her since she was 13 – which is true, she had regular matches in Saraya Knight’s all-female promotion. It got cut when shown on Raw, because god forbid they bring an actual relatable storyline into it at that stage.

      Actually, where was Saraya in this whole angle, especially when Ric got involved? And how has this clip never been on It Came From YouTube?

    • Saint Stryfe says:

      See, all of that? That’s why I didn’t think we needed this as the Gooker winner.

      This is all par-for-the-course in wrestling in the McMahon era. Wasted talent? Ignored storylines? Contrived crap instead of a little genuine emotion? Getting a McMahon over instead of the people working for them?

      This is WWE wrestling since the mid-80’s. It isn’t new. It is exactly how I expect it, and it didn’t surprise or shock me. It’s wrestlecrap for sure, but it’s wrestlecrap I expect.

      The thing that still stings my craw most was the absolute base embarrassment of Sting in 2015. That’s beyond the pale.

  3. says:

    i really believe that the divas revolution started to sink in the exact second that some porn company tweeted about the “submission sorority” team

    • #OPC says:

      Yep, it showed that WWE didn’t even really care, not even enough to do a simple Google search on the name.

    • Caveman says:

      I agree. The “Submission Sorority” getting replaced by “PCB” was the first stone that would help sink the ship. Now, if they were all dressed up in Printed Circuit Board costumes, then it might have made some money, but they didn’t do that, so it sucked.

      RD, you really should include the Submission Sorority controversy into the article.

  4. M says:

    That Botox looking smile on Steph is extremely scary.

  5. Ian Feuerhake says:

    Nice. You forgot to mention that PCB was originally called the Submission Sorority, until WWE finally realized that that had porn affiliation

  6. Peter Wolfraim says:

    Great article, but honestly could have been way longer. Could have been a book; a book I would have purchased, and then read, and then purchased again as a gift for someone i care about.
    So many months of terrible diva related TV gone unmentioned

    • Cpt SuckePunch says:

      Yeah right? I’d of thought aj’s record would’ve been mentioned as well, cos it being broken by, of all people, niki, really felt like any sort of revolution was fucked. When niki broke the record only to lose the title less than a week later, that really summed things up best for me. It was like a big f you to any who thought this was a real revolution. Cos in the end, talent be damned, who wwe wants to see on top is who will be on top…Right cesaro? And dolph. And bryan. And many others.

      • King Of Kings says:

        Let’s not forget that Niki losing her title just a week later of breaking AJ’s record was nothing more than a big FU from Stephanie to AJ herself all because AJ publicly called out Steph on twitter for being a hypocrite about utilizing the women’s division. She can give all the big righteous speeches she wants but she can’t hide the obvious fact that she’s still petty and vindictive.

        • Guest says:

          What does she have to be petty and vindictive about?

          AJ Lee was a nobody that happened to get popular backstage and was given a long title reign she didn’t deserve.

          • King James says:

            That’s…that’s a retcon on the level WWE pulls when someone gets on their bad side. Or murders their family.

            AJ Lee was *over* for a big chunk of her title reign. Maybe some of it was the association with Punk, though if anything that would have hurt the hell out of her being over backstage for all the good it may have done for her in front of camera.

            AJ isn’t an all-time, era-defining talent. I would put her below Madusa, Lita, Trish Stratus in terms of American women’s wrestling and their impact/notoriety. But to suggest she had no heat, was awful in the ring, and inexplicably carried the title is just as silly. She was a credible and at times exciting performer with a genuine love for the business who carried the women’s division at one of its absolute lowest points.

            I dunno, maybe you’re one of those people who feels like Punk personally pissed in their Cheerios and thus anything associated with him was overhyped garbage. But characterizing AJ as a no-talent hack with backstage pull is just so far from any documented or observable reality that I had to stop lurking. And sign a name I regularly use on here to what I had to say.

    • Mike says:

      With so much that was left out,I think this could’ve been the first ever talking head induction.

  7. Alexandru says:

    Nobody should have been surprised this ended up being awful. I mean Stephanie, who did nothing for any of the NXT women, decided to, more or less, try and take credit for their success by introducing them. The ridiculous heel/face turns, Charlotte being a Ric Flair clone, ridiculous teams, and Niki being shoved down everyone’s throats did no one any favors. At least it looks like the women’s division is on the right track with some decent booking and the right women being pushed (Becky, Sasha).

    • Hulk6785 says:

      I think Triple H has done more for the women of NXT than Stephanie ever has.

    • Guest says:

      Becky Lynch isn’t getting a push unless you think being relegated to jobber status is pushing someone. It’s nice to see Banks getting a push…….months after being called up and having like two matches.

  8. Jim says:

    A little disappointed this induction wasn’t longer to include more of just how bad this angle was/is (does WWE still use the #DivasRevolution – the induction needed to mention WWE’s obsession with this hashtag).

    I also think you should have hammered in more that Raw isn’t NXT (as better of a program it might be if it were more like NXT).

    1- Three women debuted at the same time, making it incredibly unlikely that all three would be able to make a big impression. And while Charlotte was clearly the focus, Becky was left to bounce around as her sidekick while Sasha (and BAD) were mostly thrown in when they didn’t want to do a straight PCB-Bella match.

    2- Raw isn’t NXT. Even if every single Network subscriber watched NXT, there is probably at least a million (and that’s being conservative) Raw viewers who do not watch NXT and might have had no/little idea who these women were. There were no vignettes to hype them. As much as you focused on NXT matches, they did very little to establish (for non-NXT viewers) who these women were: Charlotte was a Flair and said Whoo. Becky had red hair and goggles. PCB did pinky swears. Sasha had shiny glasses and called herself the Boss.

    And while they were weighed down by the Taminas and the Alicias on the main roster, WWE should have done more to let them show off what they could do in the ring. Heck, they should have just played a tape of the 4-way from whichever Takeover show that was to at least show what the women could do.

    3- Also should have mentioned the Bellabration and the Twin Magic shenanigans for the Dusty Finish when the reason Stephanie brought in Paige’s friends was because the Bellas were cheating!

    • Leatherface says:

      I always wonder weather all this hastag, tweets & social media obsession of WWE has ever managed to increase viewership for any of the shows?

  9. mfm420 says:

    ironically enough, or not both the diva’s revolution and the ecw invasion of 2001 took place in not only same city, but same arena, and pretty much died thanks to the same person (steph).

  10. #OPC says:

    There was also the whole political nature of Nikki Bella holding onto the Divas title to beat AJ’s reign.

    • Zero says:

      Doesn’t surprise me. AJ left the company without putting anyone over in her final months there, and she’s married to CM Punk, who also left without putting anyone over in his final 4 months there.

      Guaranteed if Seth didn’t get hurt, WWE would have had him pass Punk’s reign as champion.

    • Guest says:

      What’s political about it?

  11. CF says:

    “Women In Sports” is like “Women In Gaming” or “Women In Science-Fiction Writing” — the only people unaware of the fact They Have Always Been There are the people desperate for an angle to work.

  12. Gerard says:

    With the possible exception of Trish and Lita wwewwf has never really cared about the divas just about every match girls like Torrie Stacey and Dawn Marie had was while a bikini lingerie or evening gown. Plus the girls had to wrestle in mud chocolate pudding or gravy!! Not that I’m really complaining but yea the girls have never been taken seriously!!!

    • Guest says:

      It’s funny you mention WWE taking women wrestlers seriously by using Trish and Lita as examples in spite of them being among the least talented female wrestlers the company ever had.

  13. Gotchism For Life says:

    I hope Bayley stays in NXT.

    I hope more women go back to NXT and stay there.

    While in WWE’s eyes NXT might be a demotion…I see it as a promotion because the women especially will be treated with respect.

    • Si says:

      That’s not an option. Bayley herself says she wants to be on Raw because that’s why she signed to WWE, not to hang around in developmental. And now with the rubble being cleared and the low point of the Reid Flair moment wiped from history (and even that fallout was awkward, given it involved Charlotte starting her heel turn in the middle of feuding with the heel who’d just belittled her dead brother, which accidentally made that comment seem like a face turn) it looks like we’re actually getting a logical, well worked, clearly aligned story ending in the three callups facing off at Wrestlemania at the first time of asking, all untouched by reality show marketing, why wouldn’t you?

      • Gotchism For Life says:


        Do you really think that scenario you stated will play out?

        Do you really think that Bayley, Kana, Emma and Dana, Nia or any other wrestler they call up will get a chance to tell a story?

        They may be at Wrestlemania…but they won’t be a story…they’ll be a bathroom Break.

        Look at Sting…the potential they had…wasted because Vince and Triple H had to masturbate to WCW closing…14 years after the fact.

        WWE gives a person a moderate push for 4 weeks then kill them off. Even more so if they were on NXT.

        Look at Rusev…Ryback..The Ascension…Kevin Owens…all monsters in NXT. Look at how long it took them to be reduced in WWE’s main programming. You think Vince will let Bayley be the next Trish?

        Roman Reigns is getting the rub because of his leading man looks, shampoo commercial worthy hair and his family legacy. He may have improved…but really has he improved enough to be championship material?

        Modern wrestling sucks. It’s thanks to Vince and Kevin Dunn.

        Kevin Dunn hates wrestling. Vince McMahon hates wrestling. If he could have, he’d promote Bodybuilding instead. Vince only promotes sports entertainment because it’s the only way he can make the money he wants.

        Enjoy Wrestlemania…as soon as Cena comes back he and Orton will have their 673rd match against each other and as soon as Nikki heals up, Divas title will be back on her while wrestlers like Bayley and Cesaro will continue to be buried. Michael Cole will still shill the Network for $9.99 and WWE will be as stagnant as ever with people blindly buying it or blindly complaining that it’s stale because it’s PG.

        So it is written…so it shall come to pass…quote the Raven…Nevermore.

    • Philip says:

      Pretty much, yeah. All I have to say about Bayley is that I’m glad Santino isn’t still around, because I am 99% certain that main-roster creative would immediately staple poor Bayley to him and completely wreck her chances of getting over on her own merits, just like they did with Emma. Plus there’s the danger that the main-roster fans would berate her for being OMGSOPG, purely because she wrestles in long tights instead of booty shorts and has a gimmick that seems geared towards making her a role model for young girls.

    • Guest says:

      Well minus the fact NXT wrestlers typically make less money and wrestle in front of less people live.

  14. Adam says:

    … Then Steph quietly pretended she was never involved, thus it must have been Paige’s fault the angle bombed.

  15. Si says:

    The hashtagged “revolution” always seemed to me to be an attempt to gain mainstream press in the slipstream of Rousey and co, but that was never going to work, or at least most of the pieces that did appear were about NXT (who never had to go “LOOK AT OUR WOMEN!”, they just got on with giving them better stories and matches) and Sara Amato instead, because they’re so committed to the branding anyone interested would have to explain why on the one hand the women are promoted as strong independently minded asskickers while on the other working for a company that insists they be referred to as Divas and compete for a title designed like that one. A wrestling company that had been publicly called out for its gender inequality earlier the same year by its most high profile competitor (AJ’s tweets to Steph in February) isn’t in a position to start reclaiming sexist language for itself.

    Also, when are we getting the blowoff to the Nikki-Paige feud that started in January and was the kayfabe point of the callups?

    • Guest says:

      Actually when are we getting the blowoff to the Naomi-Paige feud that precipitated the angle and led to Nikki and Brie lazily being turned heel?

  16. Hennrik says:

    I thought it was common knowledge at this point, that the WWE can mess up a glass of water.

  17. Ben says:

    I called it from the beginning this angle would bomb. My crew was all like “Finally, real woman’s wrestling in WWE!” How easily they forget WWE’s track record of mucking up surefire money maker stores (especially ones with woman). Say what you want about the love squared story, at least Summer and Lana got to show some character. Lana as the repressed young woman coming out of her shell, Summer as the ruthless bitch who will do anything to come out on top. Divas Rev had none of that. All of them as faceless, personalityless drones saying and doing the exact same things and having the exact same match for weeks on end. The only one who showed any real character development was Nikki Bella! In fact, I would not be surprised if that was the objective for this whole hot mess! Bring in the NXT girls and make them all seem like bland robots and have Nikki walk all over them so she seems like a strong champion. That will really stick it to April (when someone quits WWE, I refuse to use their wrestling name again. They don’t deserve it). On a side note, I can’t stand Pagie. Everyone tells me how hot and talented she is. I think she’s way over rated. She looks like a panda bear, acts like a 10 year old and dresses like she works at Hot Topic. WWE can’t decide if she’s a face or a heel and she needs cheap heat (like the Reid Flair mess) to get over. And the screaming!!! Just stop already! I’m Ben and this is what grinds my gears.

    • Adam says:

      Paige screaming at Becky, “Get off me, you cow!” alone makes her likable as a performer. It was especially priceless because Becky is obviously not a cow. An in-match comment like that shows her great ability to portray a character comprehensively.

    • Guest says:

      When was Lana ever portrayed as being in a shell and when was Summer ever portrayed as a ruthless bitch cause I know it damn sure wasn’t prior to or during that godawful Ziggler-Rusev feud.

  18. Dan Sheldon says:

    Then there is giving Charlotte the belt instead of Paige who was the focal point of calling up the NXT ladies in the first place. Then you have Charlotte who says she wants to be known on her own merits and not because of her dad……so let’s team her up with him and make her have the same mannerisms. I also believe most fans want Sasha to be the focal point of the “revolution” but she is just kinda a b-role player until recently.

    • Philip says:

      Well, not exactly. Sasha is still the only one of the new faces not to have lost a match in singles competition (she also seems like the only one who has really caught on with the main roster audience, considering that she has engendered “We Want Sasha!” chants), so I’m hoping that this leads to a big title win for her at Wrestlemania.

      Although at this point, expecting something so logical from WWE’s booking crew seems terribly foolish.

  19. Justin says:

    Jeezus H. Christ RAW sucks. Even TNA figured out nearly a DECADE ago that the Women’s division should be taken seriously. And yeah, they coined a silly term for them, Knockouts, but at least that implies they’re there to fight, not pose or sing opera, or whatever we’re supposed to glean from the term Divas.

    • Guest says:

      Yeah TNA figured it out so well that the division hasn’t been in a state of flux for the last several years because of bad booking and bad mangerial decision

      • Adam says:

        They figured it out… and then noticed it was popular, so they took the division away from D’Amore and put Russo and co in charge. Just to make sure it stopped getting over, I guess.

  20. RobVanDamIsABallerina says:

    I am calling Charlotte/Ric for 2016 Gooker Winner right now. I understand she looks like Naitch with a wig, but having him ringside with her, and having her act like him (all the while with a half smile and looking like she wants to start laughing), she is not establishing herself. Unfortunately, I still find myself fast forwarding through “Divas” segments every Monday.

  21. Mister Forth says:

    This was a needed induction given how close the race was. Sort of a pre-Gooker offering.

    The induction was good, but I feel it also needed to talk about several glaring problems before, and immediately after, the angle. Fist was the name Submission Sorority being cleared despite the fact anyone sane would be able to figure out a porn site would be using it. As well as that the aimless matches were to hide for a while that a belt hadn’t been defended in quite a while, and when it was, the promotion failed to bring one of the most anticipated new champion of the year in a time where it would matter. Both of these were big factors as to the angle totally burning like a dumpster near Lionel Hutz.

  22. Brad says:

    Sigh…….the WWE just can never get out of it’s own way can it…….

    as an aside, Stephanie always looks like somebody farted in her direction

  23. Zero says:

    What started out so good only to wind up being further proof that NXT stars amount to nothing once going to Raw/SD.

    Neville is doing next to nothing now, The Ascension’s a joke, and the Divas Revolution was accurately described here.

    The only NXT star to make it out unscathed is Kevin Owens, and they almost ruined that as well.

    • Jimbolian says:

      I don’t know about K.O. He’s a few losses away from being an honorary member of the J.O.B. Squad.

    • Zero says:

      Slight correction; forgot about Bray Wyatt and Seth Rollins, though WWE’s practically made Bray the jobber to the stars.

    • Guest says:

      Hope the Kevin Owens bit isn’t another “Cena” buried him bit cause lord knows how tiring and untrue that is.

  24. 80's Guy says:

    The Authority and Sting’s treatment are still things that need to be inducted, IMO.

  25. Mike M. says:

    Not to find any fault with a fine induction but wasn’t another problem with this that the Diva’s Revolution was partly in response to a social media campaign by fans to give the women a chance to actually perform? Even admitting that social media followers of the product are a small but vocal minority, can you imagine how big this “revolution” could have been had they written it as fan-inspired rather than McMahon inspired?

  26. Jon Milne says:

    To me, any angle winning a Gooker needed to not only be particularly bad, but also have no redeeming qualities whatsoever. If the Gooker nominating process had started just AFTER Nikki Bella had finally lost her title to Charlotte, then this would to me have been a much more viable contender, but frankly, I enjoyed the Charlotte/Paige matches, as well as the feud Charlotte has had with Becky Lynch, gross Ric kissing Becky moment aside. And even though old Ric being outside the ring for Charlotte’s matches is still annoying, she’s still much more entertaining as a heel than when she was a face and the WWE tried to push her as the female Roman Reigns.

    That said, I agree this induction missed out some really bad moments. The needless use of Reid Flair’s death to garner heel heat for Paige for example. Or the ridiculously petty record breaking title reign given to Nikki Bella.

    But all of this to me pales compares to the actual worst thing that happened with the women of WWE in 2015. In February there was the Bellas vs Paige & Emma match that ended in 30 seconds. That’s the thing that prompted fan outrage that I would say was far more damning of the WWE than anything that happened in the Divas Revolution. Add in the stupid tweets by Stephanie McMahon and AJ Lee calling her out on her bullshit, and ultimately it’s the case that, despite how badly they were handled during this storyline, the women wrestlers of WWE are still in a FAR better place right now than they were before the Divas Revolution.

    Looking forward to my vote, the Lana/Ziggler/Rusev/Summer Rae angle, coming up soon.

  27. Jed Shaffer says:

    I wouldn’t have minded Stephanie kicking off the angle if there had been even a shred of logic to it. Say, she still hates the Bellas from their feud the year before, and she’s tired of seeing the Bellas dominate the division and embarrass the company with their bratty, bullying, catty attitude. So she’s bringing in three assassins to push the Bellas out and usher in a new era of truly strong women athletes. It’s not perfect, but at least it’s SOMETHING to give the arrival of three new wrestlers some context.

    Instead … here we are.

  28. Mark Smart says:

    I expect nothing from the WWE when it comes to women’s wrestling and yeah I said women not Divas. This is the epitome of what’s wrong with the inner workings of the WWE right now. You have a golden opportunity to do something that will make people change their perspective of your company.

    You have fresh new talent coming in emphasis on “talent” that can reshape the division and get away from the Kardashian wannabe twins trying to whore their reality show. Here’s where the WWE ALWAYS drops the ball: It’s a hot new angle that will draw attention so the first thing they think is “How can Stephanie or Paul get right in the middle of it?”

    The attention immediately shifts to them and it’s all about getting them over, the rest of the company be damned. Ironically, these two attention whores have the gall to spout out “Best for business” when they go out of their way to do the exact opposite in order to stroke their egos.

    You can go back to where it all started back in ’99/00 and see how they’ve constantly put themselves ahead of actually making the company better. Triple H alone has interjected himself into every big angle over the past few years. There’s the thing with Roman and winning the 2016 RR becoming champ in the process and headlining WM32, the constant presence of the Authority lingering like a beer fart, burying Sting, banning the Curb Stomp so that Rollins would have to use the Pedigree, just having to get a win over Brock, getting involved with Bryan in the whole B+ nonsense, , causing Punk’s momentum to come to a screeching halt back in 2011 all to set up a match with a gimpy Kevin Nash, and my personal favorite was burying the entire roster outside of Cena, Sheamus and Punk during an in ring promo highlighted by Beth Phoenix claiming she and the rest of the Divas were scared little girls, Triple H saying he could have a better match with a broom than any of the actual wrestlers and the entire roster walking out in protest leaving him to look like the only one who cared about the fans.

    the kicker was, all the fuss was over Miz and R-Truth but that’s another story. Back to the Divas, as long as Nikki is still married to John Cena you can expect her to get favoritism. Brie’s got Daniel but he doesn’t have Cena’s pull. So it doesn’t matter how many great matches someone puts on in NXT, a cold reality awaits them on Raw when those backstage politics and shabby writing come into play. Unfortunately, it’s a business where it’s all about who you know……….Nikki has Cena, Charlotte has her daddy, Roman has The Rock……………

    on a side note, I read where Bayley will either be a huge success or a huge failure as WWE is going to set her up to be the female version of John Cena. I’m guessing this will be an attempt to cater to little girls on a grand scale and if she doesn’t connect she will either be shuffled back down to Florida or repackaged/jobbed out. Knowing WWE’s track record they will botch this by trying way too hard and have the fans turn on her ala Reigns. Could be a Gooker contender in the making………

    • Guest says:

      I like how the Bellas are whoring their reality show……eventhough it’s WWE whoring them and their reality show out.

      They didn’t ban the curbstomp for any other reason other than the move being super dangerous like with any other move.

      As for Nikki having Cena, AJ had Punk and Vince but apparently that was fine. LOL at Roman having the Rock (because it’s terrible logic that ignores all the other wrestlers who had familial ties to the Rock and didn’t get that far in the company because of it).

  29. Thomas Moffatt says:

    And what has happened to the moniker ‘Nipple H’???????????

    Anyway, one thing you didn’t mention was how the announcers spent weeks squealing about how it was all Nips’ idea and concept. Until it bombed and Paige was to be scapegoated and take responsibility. Damn you, Nipple H.

    Oh, and my prediction is for Nips to become Divas champ sometime soon.

    And another thing – believe the intention for Hogan at WM32 would to have been for Ric Flair and daughter Charlotte to team up against him and his annoying daughter…

    Well, those are my deranged thoughts – AND before I finish ever noticed how when the Miz prompts the audience to say MizTV when he does his banal segment that hardly anyone responds?

  30. Adam Clark says:

    you summed up most of my feelings on Stephanie in the first few paragraphs, except with less swearing and less getting banned. THAT FUCKING SMILE. DEAR GOD. IT LOOKS LIKE SMILING GIVES HER PHYSICAL PAIN!

  31. Thun says:

    I don’t know what’s more depressing: how this felt quite an awful lot like the Invasion, how so much effort from the female wrestlers had to be pushed aside to feed some person’s ego or how this will probably just be another scratch on a long line of failures to come. Seriously, it’s like the people who lead the WWE have one of the most unproductive mindsets ever.

  32. Mick says:

    A worthy Gooker award winner. WWE trying to portray more women’s wrestling as a revolutionary social movement was hideously pretentious even for them. Much like in NXT, WWE would been much better off promoting them as normal wrestlers who just happen to be female.

  33. Jerichoholic Ninja says:

    The biggest sign that WWE knows this was a failure: Stephanie was involved at first so she could take on-screen “credit” for this “revolution”. After a month or so, her involvement was never brought up again.

    And it was SO STUPID the way she divied up the debuting women, giving Paige two allies then basically saying to Alicia and Tamina, “You guys need an ally? Well the benevolent Stephanie McMahon knew that, here’s someone!”

    The groups thing COULD have worked, but almost immediately the started teasing dissention, notably with Paige, the one who needed allies in the first place.

  34. Rodolfo Rodríguez says:

    Sad part is, people never learn. They still put their faiths on wwe over and over, like an abused wife.

    • No Pickles says:

      And keep hoping for change despite sticking around and effectively enabling WWE not to change. If they’re still making money off of us despite how we feel, why feel motivated to change?

      Also, at this point, WWE would be lucky to have any similarity to G.L.O.W., truth be told. They did more for women’s wrestling than WWE has in years, as weird as that sounds. The show was still popular when it ended, and ended due to outside forces. If it’d been allowed to continue, who knows if it would have still existed today?

      • Rodolfo Rodríguez (That Lucha Guy) says:

        IKR? The only message McMahon gets is “You’re doing everything right”. GLOW was good, fortunately there are still other good options out there for female wrestling. I think GLOW would still be good nowadays.

  35. Krendall says:

    My theory has always been that the Revolution was an attempt to make the Bellas look better in the ring. The WWE didn’t realize that the twins were so bad in the ring (especially Brie) that this plan would never work. They also apparently never stopped to think about giving the gals more time to actually wrestle, but that’s a whole other issue.

    Then again, both Bellas being gone hasn’t really helped things much.

  36. Hulk6785 says:

    “And then, in the capper, we had Nikki Bella come out and tell us, and I quote, ‘Wins, losses, who really cares?\'”

    If you don’t care about winning or losing, then why the fuck are you a wrestler!? Why would you get involved in any kind of competitive activity!? Shit, that may be the dumbest thing a wrestler has ever said.

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