Let it be known that there is one female in the ranks of wrestling history that shines far brighter than all others. There was once a woman who understood the business, who was more beautiful than all the rest, and had a passion to entertain fans to the best of her ability.

Her name was Sunny.

Now for those newer wrestling fans who weren’t around back in the mid 90’s, when she made her WWF debut, allow me to elaborate a bit. Sunny was actually a woman by the name of Tammy Lynn Sytch who was brought into the Federation with her fiance, Chris Candido, as a fitness duo known as Sunny and Skip, the Bodydonnas. They would preach at WWF fans, calling them out of shape and telling them they needed to lose weight. The gimmick really sucked, and I’ll probably get around to adding it here one of these days.

Skip was a great worker, but he was overshadowed by Sunny, who was hotter than enchilada night at Mrs. Santana’s. (That one was for you, Brain!)

Soon Sunny’s stock began to soar. She was everywhere – on posters, on keychains, doing commentary. She was on fire, and the WWF knew it.

I mean, come on – take a look at her, for crying out loud!

But she was more than naturally beautiful. Unlike other women in the business, she had diligently learned the craft at Jim Cornette’s old Smokey Mountain territory. She knew how to work a crowd into a fever pitch.

She was, in short, my favorite woman performer in the business ever.

I really don’t have anything more to say about her here, but I just liked this shot so much that I thought I would include it any way.


Scuse me for a moment…I have..ummm…something to take care of.

*30 seconds later*

Oops. Dammit, where’d I put the kleenex?

Where was I? Oh yeah…Sunny’s evil nemesis.

Shortly after she debuted, it was obvious that she would go on to greater fame than her silly gym rat gimmick would allow.

So she broke away from Skip, who by this time had a partner by the name of Zip (who some of you will recognize above as Dr. Tom Prichard).

In order to retaliate against Sunny leaving the tandem, the WWF and the Bodydonnas held a constest that fans could enter, with the winner becoming the Bodydonnas’ new manager.

The winner of the contest was a “woman” by the name of Cloudy. And get this – it was a GUY dressed up as Sunny!!


Wasn’t that funny?

Well, no, of course it wasn’t. And that’s probably why Cloudy lasted all of two or three matches before she disappeared.

There’s not much else to say about Cloudy. The contest, was, of course, bogus. One of Candido’s independent buddies that was brought in to play the part, I do remember that much. Other than that, most things are probably best forgotten.

As for Sytch, well, a series of personal problems (including several rumored drug related incidents) led to her dismissal from the Federation in the late 90’s. She and Candido bounced around the independent scene, landing in ECW and WCW for short periods of time.

Sunny was as hot as a Fourth of July firecracker…too bad her career extinguished just as quickly.

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