Captain Mike

Captain Mike

How’s this for logic?

Mike Rotunda has been in an angle with Kevin Sullivan and Rick Steiner, forming a group called The Varsity Club. Rotunda had attended Syracuse University, and was supposedly the captain of the football team (or wrestling team or something), so WCW had taken to calling him The Captain of theVarsity Club. Now remember this, it becomes important later – he was CAPTAIN OF A SPORTS TEAM.

After the Varsity Club broke up, WCW inexplicably had Rotunda keep the name, now claiming that he was a CAPTAIN OF A BOAT! They simply slapped a skipper’s hat on Rotunda’s head and emblazoned an anchor on his ass.

Now how exactly this was supposed to get Rotunda over is a mystery, but then again this IS early 90’s WCW we are talking about, so nothing made much sense. (And it’s arguably better than what the WWF did with Rotunda.)

Rotunda actually had Captain Mike T-shirts, which are, without doubt, the most horrifically gay shirts in all of wrestling. There was good ol’ Cap’n Mike with a big yacht. If a picture’s worth a thousand words, that shirt must be worth about 12 cents.

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