Big Josh

Big Josh

Ah, early 90’s WCW. What wasn’t there to love? Tons of goofy characters, lots of bad wrestling, the departure of Ric Flair. And people think the company is in bad shape now. WCW today is like heaven compared to the WCW of early 90’s.

Let’s take a look at the roster. We had PN News. We had Black Blood. We had Johnny B. Badd. We had Arachnaman.

And we had a lumberjack by the name of Big Josh.

Billed as a newcomer from the “North Woods”, Josh was actually portrayed by ring veteran Matt Borne (who would later go on to become the original Doink the Clown). He came out to the ring in a flannel shirt to some generic mountain music. Sometimes he would carry an ax handle down with him, which for some reason was missing the ax. Don’t ask us ­ we didn’t get it either.

And that was about it. He didn’t really do anything of note, except for one time when he came down to the ring escorted by dancing bears (and we unfortunately don’t have that footage).

Like most terrible gimmicks, he didn’t last long. WCW let Borne go after a few months, most likely due to the fact that dancing bears don’t come cheap.

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